2013-11-23 Q&A Chat

[20:24] <@Jo_Lallo> Boom.
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[20:50] <@Jo_Lallo> Welcome!
[20:50] <BoD_8664> thank you
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[20:52] <@Jo_Lallo> Hi there!
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[20:53] <@Jo_Lallo> Welcome!
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[20:53] <bubble-rhapsody> ooo snazzy ;D
[20:53] <@Jo_Lallo> Yeah. My web guy was super excited to give the chat page a try.
[20:54] <bubble-rhapsody> seems to be doing ok so far
[20:54] <@Jo_Lallo> Yep!
[20:55] <@Jo_Lallo> I’ve got my NaNoWriMo novel open in the other window here. 49,102 words so far.
[20:55] <@Jo_Lallo> I might actually pass the 50k mark DURING this chat.
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[20:55] <bubble-rhapsody> oh man lol, of the nanowrimo?
[20:55] <@Jo_Lallo> Yeah.
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[20:56] <bubble-rhapsody> I am still just at 30k, but i have been writing it for months not just one XD;
[20:56] <bubble-rhapsody> I keep hitting some bumps
[20:56] <SandyBeech> i am also trying to write a book during NaNoWriMo
[20:56] <@Jo_Lallo> Yeah. For me I’ll go for days where I can’t finish a paragraph, then suddenly I’ll do 4000 words in a sitting.
[20:57] <@Jo_Lallo> Cool. How’s it going?
[20:57] <SandyBeech> i’m at about 30,000 words
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[20:58] <@Jo_Lallo> Not bad!
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[20:59] <bubble-rhapsody> I am hoping to get through the first quarter this week. Once I get past this one part I think it will flow much better
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[21:00] <@Jo_Lallo> Yeah. A lot of writing is getting to “the fun part” of the story.
[21:00] <@Jo_Lallo> I wrote one of my stories, Jade, by just writing the fun parts, then connecting them later.
[21:01] <@Jo_Lallo> Not the best method.
[21:01] <bubble-rhapsody> Its hard for me to talk about the issues in it because it’s pretty top secret
[21:01] <@Jo_Lallo> Understandable.
[21:01] <bubble-rhapsody> but mine has 3 sub villians, one main villian
[21:01] <bubble-rhapsody> so I kind of write one huge chunk based on that arc, then move onto the next until the climax
[21:01] <@Jo_Lallo> I could see how that would be tricky.
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[21:02] <@Jo_Lallo> Hi there.
[21:02] <bubble-rhapsody> But i know what happens, this is an 11 year old story so its just a matter of writing it all down finally
[21:03] <@Jo_Lallo> My trilogy was the same thing.
[21:03] <@Jo_Lallo> YEARS of day dreaming just waiting to get down on the page.
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[21:04] <bubble-rhapsody> I always drew pictures of my characters
[21:04] <bubble-rhapsody> and it was through them that the story developed
[21:04] <@Jo_Lallo> I lacked the talent to draw anything.
[21:04] <bubble-rhapsody> lol
[21:05] <bubble-rhapsody> well when it was in the very beginning the artwork was quite sad XD
[21:05] <Scathe> Hello hello hello!
[21:05] <Scathe> how is everyone?
[21:05] <@Jo_Lallo> Hi Scathe! I’m doing pretty good so far.
[21:05] <bubble-rhapsody> tired! for a saturday night lol
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[21:06] <Vivi> good morning πŸ™‚
[21:06] <Scathe> lol I understand that, I just got home from work myself
[21:06] <@Jo_Lallo> I was lucky enough to not have to work this weekend.
[21:06] <Oriech> Good evening
[21:06] <@Jo_Lallo> Unless you count writing.
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[21:07] <@Jo_Lallo> Oriech, for those of you who don’t know, is the guy who put this chat room together.
[21:07] <Oriech> Lies
[21:07] <@Jo_Lallo> He’s also the namesake for the mysterious hand of fate that shows up in the trilogy from time to time.
[21:08] <Oriech> That is true
[21:08] <Scathe> Good to know!
[21:08] <Scathe> πŸ™‚
[21:09] <@Jo_Lallo> So, we’re past the official starting time, so does anyone have any questions they’d like to ask?
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[21:09] <Scathe> Well… what do you do when you find yourself blocked?
[21:09] <bubble-rhapsody> How old is the Book of Deacon story wise. like how many years, months etc did you have it in your head before deciding to write it down
[21:09] <Oriech> When is Oriech getting his own book?
[21:09] <bubble-rhapsody> XD
[21:09] <Scathe> lol
[21:09] <@Jo_Lallo> Oriech is going to be a trouble maker.
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[21:10] <@Jo_Lallo> Okay, though. Getting blocked.
[21:10] <Oriech> Hahaha I’ll be good
[21:10] <@Jo_Lallo> Usually I’ve got a few plot threads going on in my stories.
[21:10] <@Jo_Lallo> And if I can’t get one to flow, I’ll check in on one of the others.
[21:11] <@Jo_Lallo> If that doesn’t work, sometimes I’ll take a break and watch or read something from an entirely different genre.
[21:11] <@Jo_Lallo> But a lot of the time I’ll just talk to my brother or my friends.
[21:11] <@Jo_Lallo> Half the time just explaining what’s got me stuck will reveal a way out.
[21:12] <Scathe> That sounds like a good idea
[21:12] <@Jo_Lallo> My brother Mike is the idea man. If he ever took the time to write his own book it would put my stuff to shame.
[21:12] <bubble-rhapsody> has he ever considered it?
[21:13] <@Jo_Lallo> He has.
[21:13] <Scathe> I know where I want my story to go, I know what I want to say, but sometimes I seem to run into an issue translating it from Bennanese to English
[21:13] <bubble-rhapsody> i think the hardest part is knowing how to start
[21:13] <@Jo_Lallo> His problem is that he doesn’t have the focus to get to the end of a plot. He also feels as though every story he might want to tell has already been told.
[21:13] <@Jo_Lallo> I can’t even imagine writing outside of my native language.
[21:14] <@Jo_Lallo> I have a hard enough time with English.
[21:15] <@Jo_Lallo> Right now I’m looking forward to wrapping up this novel, because once I’m done I get to talk to the cover artist for a couple of new covers.
[21:15] <bubble-rhapsody> exciting!
[21:15] <@Jo_Lallo> Oriech is probably looking forward to it too, because he’s always one of the first to read them.
[21:15] <Sethrojello> when does this thing start?
[21:15] <Scathe> English is my native language, (my actual name is Benn). I just mean translating it into terms everyone else would understand.
[21:16] <@Jo_Lallo> It’s started. Jump right in.
[21:16] <Scathe> What is the new novel about?
[21:16] <@Jo_Lallo> Oh!
[21:16] <@Jo_Lallo> Yeah, writing in a way that everyone can relate to can be tricky.
[21:16] <Oriech> I am indeed looking forward to it
[21:17] <@Jo_Lallo> The new novel is (by democratic process) a steampunk novel.
[21:17] <bubble-rhapsody> i am going to buy your books I just keep forgetting to add them to my list of internet buys XD
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[21:17] <Sethrojello> what are we talking about? sorry i am lost
[21:17] <Scathe> oh duh, i remember you saying that now in one of your posts now that you say that.
[21:18] <@Jo_Lallo> I’m just taking questions. Right now, we’re on the subject of the new novel.
[21:18] <@Jo_Lallo> It has a new setting, lots of steam powered gadgets and Jules Verne style technology.
[21:18] <@Jo_Lallo> Airships and the like.
[21:18] <Sethrojello> have you ever read mortal engines?
[21:18] <@Jo_Lallo> I have not.
[21:19] <Sethrojello> look into that the entire series is a post ww3 world were major cities are all mobile and no oceans
[21:19] <Sethrojello> cities literally eat cities
[21:19] <@Jo_Lallo> Whoa.
[21:19] <Scathe> O.o
[21:19] <@Jo_Lallo> Worth checking out.
[21:19] <Scathe> who is the author?
[21:20] <@Jo_Lallo> According to Wikipedia, Philip Reeve
[21:20] <Sethrojello> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mortal_Engines
[21:20] <@Jo_Lallo> Heh. I love the internet.
[21:21] <Scathe> ah. *adds yet another series to my “To-Read List”*
[21:21] <Sethrojello> its really good there is also a series thats after mortal engines and another before
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[21:21] <@Jo_Lallo> Wow. Multiple series.
[21:21] <@Jo_Lallo> See, that’s dangerous for me.
[21:22] <@Jo_Lallo> Once I start a series I chew through the whole thing obsessively.
[21:22] <Sethrojello> #yolo
[21:22] <Scathe> Thats me, and then I read all that has been printed, and move to the next.
[21:22] <@Jo_Lallo> Which can get expensive when you start into stuff like the Discworld Series.
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[21:23] <BoD_328> I’m done trying to figure out how to get a better name than BoD blah blah.. I am a fairly new fan to the Book of Deacon series. I still need to read the Red Shadow. Anyway, my question is what was your inspiration behind the books/characters. Reading it I kept thinking Dungeons and Dragons but a lot of books make me think of D&D.
[21:23] <Sethrojello> mortal engines is kinda old and should be in your local library
[21:23] <@Jo_Lallo> Inspirations for characters. Believe it or not, I’ve never played D&D.
[21:23] <Scathe> Then a new books comes out in the first series and I have to go back, and when I go to pick up the new book, another book catches my eye…
[21:24] <@Jo_Lallo> For The Book of Deacon, the characters just sort of accumulated over a childhood of seeing cool stuff.
[21:24] <@Jo_Lallo> For me, the characters almost always show up first, then the story forms around them.
[21:25] <bubble-rhapsody> that happened with me too lol
[21:25] <Scathe> Which character do you feel the closest to from the Book of Deacon? And are any based off of yourself or anyone you know?
[21:26] <@Jo_Lallo> Well, Deacon is probably the closest to being me.
[21:26] <@Jo_Lallo> Highly studious, fairly oblivious.
[21:26] <Oriech> Spot on
[21:26] <Sethrojello> lives in the gray?
[21:26] <@Jo_Lallo> Desmeres Lumineblade is vaguely based on a friend.
[21:27] <@Jo_Lallo> Oriech is named for the same guy as the one in the chat. I also worked out the dialogue for a minor character with him.
[21:27] <BoD_6871> I’m not sure if you are still taking questions but here’s mine. For me, the relationship between Lain and Myranda had more intimacy and authenticity than the Myranda/Deacon romance. Did you ever consider exploring their relationship further?
[21:27] <BoD_4242> i found some powerful moments in Lains story, after writing that book did it give you any urge to dig back into the other character’s lives?
[21:28] <@Jo_Lallo> I’ll take questions as I get them.
[21:28] <@Jo_Lallo> First, the Lain/Myranda thing.
[21:28] <@Jo_Lallo> And I’ll try to tip toe around spoiler material here.
[21:29] <BoD_8271> I would love to hear how Desmeres and Lain meet. just throwing that our there
[21:29] <@Jo_Lallo> I never really considered digging too deeply into Lain and Myranda’s relationship. It is one based on mutual respect.
[21:30] <Sethrojello> shut down
[21:30] <@Jo_Lallo> Honestly, I hadn’t originally planned on having a Deacon Myranda relationship either.
[21:31] <Sethrojello> concession
[21:31] <@Jo_Lallo> Deacon was a character who was just going to be “The Helpful Guy”.
[21:31] <@Jo_Lallo> But they were paired up for a while, and things developed from there. Possibly why it might not feel so authentic.
[21:32] <@Jo_Lallo> Now to tie some questions together.
[21:32] <@Jo_Lallo> Speaking of Lain’s story, I did indeed get the urge to explore other characters.
[21:33] <@Jo_Lallo> There’s enough room after The Rise of the Red Shadow to explore more of Lain’s life. It is a novel I certainly intend to write.
[21:33] <BoD_6871> The deacon/myranda relationship felt more like a friendship than a great romance. I appreciate you answering my question. It’s something that has lingered with me long after I read the books. πŸ™‚
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[21:33] <@Jo_Lallo> And it would definitely include the first meeting of Desmeres and Lain.
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[21:34] <BoD_8271> πŸ™‚
[21:34] <@Jo_Lallo> I’m always interested in how other people view the relationships in the books.
[21:34] <Sethrojello> or strip him of his furr and make him get it back
[21:35] <@Jo_Lallo> It is one of the reasons I’m half dreading, half anticipating when fan fiction starts to show up.
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[21:36] <BoD_6871> LOL.
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[21:37] <@Jo_Lallo> I was in contact with a fan who asked permission to write some stuff. There was even a few pages written.
[21:37] <BoD_4242> when you have time to sit and read other’s stories, do you stay in fantasy/sf or head into other genres?
[21:37] <@Jo_Lallo> But I suppose the fan’s interest shifted.
[21:37] <@Jo_Lallo> I’ll read anything.
[21:38] <@Jo_Lallo> I do read a lot of sci-fi and fantasy.
[21:38] <Scathe> I enjoy reading fanfiction, but I don’t think I could ever write any myself
[21:38] <@Jo_Lallo> Most recently I read a star trek book.
[21:38] <@Jo_Lallo> “Watching The Clock”
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[21:38] <Sethrojello> i find fan fiction hard to read because they usually have different “voices” than the authors
[21:39] <lily> oh hello everybody! Hi Jo. popping in on my break to say hello! (catseathedevil)
[21:39] <@Jo_Lallo> Hi!
[21:40] <Scathe> Some of it isn’t horrible. Though some… should have been kept in a notebook away from prying eyes
[21:40] <Sethrojello> true true
[21:40] <@Jo_Lallo> Lily has given me some great fan art, and is also a beta reader.
[21:40] <@Jo_Lallo> I’ve only read a bit of fan fiction. Some of it is really very good.
[21:40] <Scathe> I am envious of people that can draw
[21:41] <bubble-rhapsody> i have mixed feelings on fanfiction. Sometimes it can be way out of left field
[21:41] <BoD_6871> I think it’s interesting that you have the first book freely available on Amazon. I recently read Bypass Gemini and I had no idea that it was you until I finished reading the book. Do you think this “first book free” model has helped you gain readers?
[21:41] <@Jo_Lallo> I envy artist, too. That’s why I’m constantly commissioning things.
[21:41] <@Jo_Lallo> The first book free definitely helped me get readers.
[21:42] <Sethrojello> thats how i got in on it
[21:42] <@Jo_Lallo> I went from getting one or two sales a week to literally thousands a month.
[21:42] <@Jo_Lallo> Even if they don’t move on to the other books (about 9 out of 10 don’t) I still got a new reader, and often a new review, which encourages others.
[21:43] <Scathe> My mother actually read your series first and turned me on to it
[21:43] <Sethrojello> so you can fund my college now right?
[21:43] <bubble-rhapsody> Are your books only available as digitals?
[21:43] <Sethrojello> si
[21:44] <@Jo_Lallo> Alas, I just bought a house, so the bank called dibs on my money.
[21:44] <@Jo_Lallo> I did some Print on Demand paperbacks for the trilogy.
[21:44] <Sethrojello> i call second dibs
[21:44] <@Jo_Lallo> And of the prequel that just came out.
[21:44] <@Jo_Lallo> So there are physical copies.
[21:44] <@Jo_Lallo> Right now the sci-fi is all digital though.
[21:44] <@Jo_Lallo> Heck, the Trilogy even has actual factual audio books!
[21:44] <bubble-rhapsody> okies.
[21:45] <bubble-rhapsody> I just like the feel of real booksXD;
[21:45] <bubble-rhapsody> i had a hard time with my digital reader
[21:45] <@Jo_Lallo> I know what you mean. I usually do my reading in paperback.
[21:45] <BoD_4242> since getting the ereader and discovering indie writers especially in fantasy, i have found many very good writers out there including yourself. Do you think you would have started writing if we were in the “old days” of print only when one had to get a publisher?
[21:46] <@Jo_Lallo> But recently I’ve been realizing “Hey, if I get impatient, I can just download this book during a bus trip!”
[21:46] <@Jo_Lallo> I would have started writing, but probably no one would have read my stuff.
[21:46] <BoD_6871> That’s an interesting question bod_4242.
[21:46] <Sethrojello> i found your books when i was bored in Germany
[21:46] <@Jo_Lallo> I tried traditional publishing first.
[21:46] <@Jo_Lallo> About a year of writing query letters earned nothing but a pile of rejections.
[21:47] <@Jo_Lallo> Most didn’t even ask for a sample.
[21:47] <@Jo_Lallo> Oddly, once the self published books gained a foothold, a few agents and publishers reached out to ME.
[21:47] <bubble-rhapsody> makes you wonder how it is some books get published
[21:47] <@Jo_Lallo> Yeah. It is a little bit of a lottery.
[21:48] <bubble-rhapsody> IE 50 shades lmao
[21:48] <Scathe> I think that is one of my fears. The fear of rejection.
[21:48] <@Jo_Lallo> I don’t take rejection well.
[21:48] <BoD_6871> Who does?
[21:48] <Scathe> I think that might be why find myself so hesitant to finish
[21:49] <@Jo_Lallo> It is rough, I won’t lie.
[21:49] <Scathe> If I don’t finish the book, then I can’t send it off to be evaluated, so then I don’t have to worry about the rejection.
[21:50] <@Jo_Lallo> Very true. I seriously kept my books a secret from all but my closest friends for that very reason.
[21:50] <@Jo_Lallo> For YEARS.
[21:50] <BoD_4242> well i thank my nook each day, it finds me some great stuff to read and new stuff to try. I would add the freebie is a nice way to try an author, but for myself in most cases i continue to read their books and support them
[21:50] <@Jo_Lallo> Even after I self-published, I didn’t really spread the word among my family.
[21:51] <@Jo_Lallo> Talking about the books face to face makes me insanely self conscious.
[21:51] <@Jo_Lallo> Hence, chats.
[21:51] <BoD_6871> Nothing like being judged at a family dinner.
[21:51] <Scathe> My friends and family know that I write. It is something I have always enjoyed doing, and they claim I am not horrible out it.
[21:51] <Scathe> I question their objectivity.
[21:52] <@Jo_Lallo> I know what you mean.
[21:52] <Oriech> I’d also like to point out that we had to convince you to even self publish
[21:52] <Sethrojello> dang
[21:52] <Scathe> I understand that completely. I can deal with people soooo much easier via computer than face to face
[21:52] <Sethrojello> because its less personal
[21:52] <@Jo_Lallo> Yeah, Oriech is one of a handful of people who had to shove me off the cliff of self publishing.
[21:52] <Scathe> Yay for Oriech!
[21:53] <Sethrojello> 10 points for you
[21:53] <Oriech> πŸ™‚ the stories were too good not to be shared
[21:53] <@Jo_Lallo> See, now I’m going to start blushing.
[21:53] <Oriech> Hahaha
[21:53] <Oriech> i hab
[21:53] <Oriech> …
[21:53] <@Jo_Lallo> I’m going to dip into some of the questions I gathered previously.
[21:54] <@Jo_Lallo> But feel free to continue asking.
[21:54] <Oriech> I have many fond memories of discussing the book with Jo in its early stages during many summers
[21:54] <@Jo_Lallo> It was an inevitable result of us being alone together.
[21:55] <@Jo_Lallo> We were roommates in college. You could start a count down as soon as the evening’s activities were done.
[21:55] <Sethrojello> thanks for clearing that up
[21:56] <Oriech> hahaha
[21:56] <@Jo_Lallo> Yeah. I thought “That might sound creepy.”
[21:56] <Sethrojello> it sounded extremely creepy
[21:56] <Sethrojello> but back to the books
[21:56] <@Jo_Lallo> Indeed.
[21:57] <@Jo_Lallo> I was asked about character names and potential conflicts they might cause.
[21:57] <@Jo_Lallo> I have a problem with character names. I have a bad habit of naming them as I go.
[21:57] <@Jo_Lallo> Which can cause trends.
[21:58] <Sethrojello> feel free to name anyone Seth Rojello Fernandez
[21:58] <Sethrojello> any of those names
[21:58] <Scathe> Or Benn
[21:58] <@Jo_Lallo> One friend pointed out my tendency to name people with first names as both their first and last name.
[21:58] <BoD_4242> as i follow different writers with multiple series and plotlines going at the same time, how hard is it for a writer to jump from one to another?
[21:58] <@Jo_Lallo> Trevor Alexander.
[21:58] <Scathe> Benn is a wonderful name. just saying…
[21:58] <Sethrojello> Rojello =unique
[21:59] <@Jo_Lallo> I’ll take the names under advisement.
[21:59] <Scathe> πŸ˜› I was mostly joking
[21:59] <@Jo_Lallo> Sometimes I use a name and realize months or years later that I knew someone named that.
[21:59] <Scathe> though I am not opposed
[22:00] <@Jo_Lallo> The current book has a character named Nita.
[22:00] <Sethrojello> was that a friend?
[22:00] <@Jo_Lallo> Then I realized I went to high school with a Neeta.
[22:00] <@Jo_Lallo> To keep names straight I’ll usually do a little appendix with character bios.
[22:01] <@Jo_Lallo> Also handy for keeping hair and eye color straight.
[22:01] <Sethrojello> i would get lost and mess up with the detials like that
[22:01] <@Jo_Lallo> I’ve had whole characters that I pictured differently in my head than I described.
[22:02] <bubble-rhapsody> I am having difficulty after realizing 3 of my characters have names that all have meaning to them. they have also had these names for about ten years, but there is now conflict because unfortunately, they all start with K.
[22:02] <bubble-rhapsody> Have you ever had to change a characters name due to conflict?
[22:02] <@Jo_Lallo> Oh yeah. The first initial problem.
[22:02] <@Jo_Lallo> I have indeed changed names in the past.
[22:02] <@Jo_Lallo> But the problem still lingers.
[22:02] <Scathe> I started writing my story back in high school, and I named one of my main characters Ethan. Now I’ve actually met an Ethan and consider him one of my best friends. πŸ˜›
[22:03] <Scathe> I can’t change the name though. Ethan in my story is Ethan and I just cannot change his name
[22:03] <@Jo_Lallo> In Book of Deacon, there are characters named Deacon, Desmeres, and Demont.
[22:03] <bubble-rhapsody> did that ever get confusing to people?
[22:03] <@Jo_Lallo> I would imagine so.
[22:03] <@Jo_Lallo> I got confusing to ME sometimes.
[22:03] <bubble-rhapsody> Mine are named Korina, Katriana and Kita.
[22:03] <Sethrojello> by the time they are all introduced you are used to it
[22:03] <bubble-rhapsody> they interact a LOT together
[22:04] <@Jo_Lallo> Myranda and Myn are two main characters.
[22:04] <bubble-rhapsody> so its like K spam all over the place and it makes me nervous writing it, but i struggle with changing their names
[22:04] <@Jo_Lallo> I had to put a plot point in there about their names being related, because while they were similar, I couldn’t bear to change either.
[22:05] <bubble-rhapsody> one has a point to her being called what shes called, so to change it would change her personalith
[22:05] <bubble-rhapsody> personality**
[22:05] <@Jo_Lallo> Absolutely.
[22:05] <@Jo_Lallo> What name different characters call each other is sort of a theme in my stories.
[22:06] <BoD_4242> as a reader it doesnt trip me up much, not like i am reading about Larry, his brother Darryl, and his other brother Darryl lol
[22:06] <Sethrojello> names are truly symbolic of the characters they incompase
[22:06] <@Jo_Lallo> In the sci-fi, Trevor “Lex” Alexander gets called something different depending on who’s talking to him.
[22:07] <@Jo_Lallo> Which is actually an example of when I had to change a name.
[22:07] <bubble-rhapsody> ah that is pretty clever
[22:07] <Sethrojello> such as “your heiness” or double identity?
[22:07] <@Jo_Lallo> His love interest is named Michella. Originally I wanted to name her Lexi.
[22:07] <Sethrojello> lex and lexi
[22:07] <@Jo_Lallo> Then I was like, “Wait. Lex and Lexi. Yeah, that won’t work.”
[22:08] <Sethrojello> there child should be named something with an o so it LOL
[22:08] == BoD_5908 [Bo******@bo**********.com] has joined #bookofdeacon
[22:08] <@Jo_Lallo> Heh.
[22:09] <@Jo_Lallo> Okay, another question I was asked was about my inspirations for locations. I’ve got two answers for that one. One weird and one standard.
[22:09] == Noblecorn [No*******@bo**********.com] has joined #bookofdeacon
[22:09] <Noblecorn> hello
[22:09] <Sethrojello> bolth!
[22:09] <@Jo_Lallo> Hi there!
[22:10] <@Jo_Lallo> So the standard inspiration for a setting is the Northern Alliance from Book of Deacon.
[22:10] <@Jo_Lallo> I spent a month every summer in Vermont.
[22:10] <@Jo_Lallo> The family owns land there and my grand parents live there.
[22:10] <@Jo_Lallo> It is an icy, frequently snowbound place, and our land is primarily wilderness.
[22:11] <@Jo_Lallo> Hence the frigid setting of my first books.
[22:11] <BoD_6871> That’s a fun fact to know.
[22:11] == BoD_5908 [Bo******@bo**********.com] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[22:11] <Sethrojello> makes sense
[22:11] <@Jo_Lallo> The weird inspiration for setting is music.
[22:12] <@Jo_Lallo> I put little videos together in my head when I listen to stuff.
[22:12] == BoD_5495 [Bo******@bo**********.com] has joined #bookofdeacon
[22:12] <bubble-rhapsody> dude, seriously
[22:12] <Noblecorn> i do the same thing with almost every song i hear
[22:12] <BoD_8271> do u ever think of making a map?
[22:12] <bubble-rhapsody> i am SO glad im not the only one who does thatXD
[22:12] <bubble-rhapsody> i love making mini music videos in my head
[22:13] <Sethrojello> whatcha listen to?
[22:13] <@Jo_Lallo> The sci-fi book has a planet named Big Sigma. It has a cloud of debris around it. I came up with it listening to the song “old school hollywood” by System of a Down.
[22:13] <@Jo_Lallo> System of a Down also gave me the climax of the trilogy.
[22:14] <Scathe> that is interesting
[22:14] <@Jo_Lallo> Come to think of it, the character Hollow was also inspired by music, too.
[22:14] == BoD_6283 [Bo******@bo**********.com] has joined #bookofdeacon
[22:14] == BoD_6283 [Bo******@bo**********.com] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[22:15] == Kevin_H [Ke*****@bo**********.com] has joined #bookofdeacon
[22:15] <@Jo_Lallo> 50% by “The Soapmakers” and “Red Horse Rainbow” by Clutch, and the rest by Philosopher’s song by Queen.
[22:15] == BoD_6871 [Bo******@bo**********.com] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[22:16] <@Jo_Lallo> Okay, another question I was asked. How do I decide on a character and their personality.
[22:16] <@Jo_Lallo> Usually the characters come up with their own personality.
[22:16] == Alicia [Al****@bo**********.com] has joined #bookofdeacon
[22:16] <Alicia> anyone still here?
[22:16] <@Jo_Lallo> Plenty.
[22:16] <@Jo_Lallo> I actually was just answering your question from the fan page.
[22:17] <Sethrojello> are you good at the whole grammar thing?
[22:17] <Alicia> Sweet!
[22:17] <Sethrojello> grammar nazi?
[22:17] <@Jo_Lallo> First the character thing.
[22:17] <Alicia> nice! glad I made it πŸ™‚
[22:17] <BoD_5495> I may be asking a question of topic I just joined. Jo out of all the characters you have created who is your favorite?
[22:17] <@Jo_Lallo> My characters usually develop based on where they show up in the story and what needs to be said.
[22:18] <@Jo_Lallo> I didn’t intend for Ether and Ivy to have their little rivalry.
[22:18] <@Jo_Lallo> But it just sort of developed.
[22:18] <Alicia> that was one of the best parts!
[22:18] <@Jo_Lallo> Likewise almost ALL of Ma’s personality from sci-fi.
[22:19] <@Jo_Lallo> She just kept being in a position to get good lines.
[22:19] <@Jo_Lallo> As for Grammar? I’m terrible at it.
[22:19] <Sethrojello> i love you
[22:19] <@Jo_Lallo> Homophones especially.
[22:19] <Kevin_H> Could you see a crossover of elements from the book of deacon making their way into your Sci-fi? Say the D’karon invade Karter’s home?
[22:19] <Alicia> I was going to bring up the sci-fi, but didn’t want to lose anyone or spoil anything for those who havne’t read them yet
[22:19] <Kevin_H> Or something along those lines
[22:20] <@Jo_Lallo> Back to characters for a moment. Who’s my favorite?
[22:20] <@Jo_Lallo> Well, Myn is fun.
[22:20] <Alicia> I’m pretty sure Kater would show him a thing or two…and enjoy every minute of it
[22:20] <@Jo_Lallo> Karter from the sci-fi is a blast, too. As is Ma.
[22:20] <@Jo_Lallo> They sort of ran away with the story.
[22:21] <Alicia> Who was the most challenging of characters for you to develope?
[22:21] <@Jo_Lallo> As for crossovers between the stories. One of my friends would kill me if I did that.
[22:21] <Scathe> Oy vey, I have to go unfortunately, but I am glad I got to participate a bit tonight
[22:21] <@Jo_Lallo> But that said, most of my stories certainly allow for reality hopping.
[22:21] <Kevin_H> Interesting.
[22:22] <Scathe> I hope you all have a wonderful evening
[22:22] <@Jo_Lallo> Thanks for stopping by!
[22:22] <Kevin_H> Likewise. Stranger.
[22:22] == Scathe [Sc****@bo**********.com] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[22:22] <@Jo_Lallo> I would say, at least in the form of an inside joke, a crossover is inevitable.
[22:22] <Noblecorn> What happened with Tressor after the war, did their government destabilize or did the war ever COMPLETELY stop?
[22:23] <Sethrojello> but a character crossover?
[22:23] <bubble-rhapsody> i am going to head to bed now, I am starting to get tired
[22:23] <bubble-rhapsody> nice chat session! later!
[22:23] <@Jo_Lallo> Sleep well!
[22:23] == bubble-rhapsody [bu********@bo**********.com] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[22:23] <Alicia> It’s only 6:23pm here. May be keeing you all up for a while! lol
[22:23] <@Jo_Lallo> There are a few characters who could cross over without breaking the world.
[22:24] <@Jo_Lallo> Epidime could sneak in.
[22:24] <BoD_5495> How do you stay focused when writing and let’s say the first few scenes are more of what to me feels like an info dump and you have not gotten to the part that made you want to write the story in the first place? I ask cause I am currently having this problem with my book.
[22:24] <Sethrojello> that would sadden me
[22:24] <@Jo_Lallo> And the Funk would work just as well in a fantasy setting.
[22:24] <Sethrojello> but i mean one characters dosen’t exist really outside there story
[22:25] <Alicia> can only imagine what kind of trouble Squee and Myn would get into!
[22:25] <BoD_4242> thx for taking my q’s, enjoyed following the chat. Scott
[22:25] <@Jo_Lallo> No problem.
[22:25] == BoD_4242 [Bo******@bo**********.com] has left #bookofdeacon []
[22:25] <Kevin_H> I wonder if Karter would attempt to make a malthrope.
[22:26] <@Jo_Lallo> There is very little he wouldn’t attempt to do.
[22:26] <Alicia> nah, they’re not “evil” enough. lol
[22:26] == BoD_1365 [Bo******@bo**********.com] has joined #bookofdeacon
[22:26] <@Jo_Lallo> On to the Tressor question.
[22:26] <Noblecorn> it would be a malthrope skunk
[22:26] <@Jo_Lallo> Did it destabilize? Did the war ever stop?
[22:26] == BoD_1365 [Bo******@bo**********.com] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[22:26] <@Jo_Lallo> Well, I can’t go too deep into it, because (hint hint) we’ll be getting into that eventually.
[22:27] <@Jo_Lallo> But let’s say that things remain tense.
[22:27] <Alicia> YEAH!
[22:27] <Kevin_H> I could see Karter turning out to be Demont.
[22:27] <Alicia> oooo, more please. Are you working on a 4th book? A stand alone or a contiunation?
[22:28] <@Jo_Lallo> There will be a 4th book, yes. Not yet working on it, but there are notes.
[22:28] <@Jo_Lallo> Let’s tackle the “writing focus” question.
[22:28] <Sethrojello> tea
[22:28] <@Jo_Lallo> Focusing on the writing is a problem I haven’t found a silver bullet solution for.
[22:29] <@Jo_Lallo> Some days I have it, some days I don’t. But it certainly can be an issue when you realize how much groundwork you have to do to get to “the good part.”
[22:29] <@Jo_Lallo> I kid you not when I say that I’ve written whole books for a single scene.
[22:29] <@Jo_Lallo> And sometimes the scene didn’t make the final cut.
[22:29] <Alicia> You just handle it well. Your books don’t show that issue.
[22:30] <Kevin_H> What kind of work environment do you put yourself into to allow a generally stable work flow?
[22:30] <Alicia> I can see that. You are extremely discriptive and your characters have depth like no other.
[22:30] <@Jo_Lallo> I’ll usually have three windows open on a PC. One with the book, one with notes on the book, and one with wikipedia for research.
[22:31] <@Jo_Lallo> My mind has a tendency to wander.
[22:31] <Alicia> I’m serioulsy loving the Rise of the Red Shadow. If I didn’t have a mally crush before, I do now! lol πŸ™‚
[22:31] <@Jo_Lallo> So I try to get into a cycle of going between all three windows.
[22:31] <@Jo_Lallo> Glad you’re enjoying the book!
[22:31] <Alicia> adhd much? πŸ˜‰ it works. Do you listen to any music?
[22:32] <Noblecorn> Do you enjoy theatre?
[22:32] <@Jo_Lallo> I do listen to music, but mostly instrumental. If I hear words, I pay attention to them and stop writing.
[22:32] <@Jo_Lallo> I do enjoy theater. I went to a lot of plays in high school.
[22:32] <Alicia> makes sense.
[22:32] <@Jo_Lallo> And I’ve been to a few musicals, too.
[22:33] <Alicia> so, in the trilogy, who was the most difficult character to develope? if you could change something about them what would it be?
[22:33] <@Jo_Lallo> I feel Bagu came out a little thin.
[22:33] <@Jo_Lallo> I don’t do villains well.
[22:34] <Alicia> ah
[22:34] <@Jo_Lallo> Sometimes I forget to HAVE a villain.
[22:34] <Alicia> guess that could be a problem…
[22:35] <Alicia> tho, Ether wasn’t really a villain…she was something else tho.
[22:35] <Alicia> sarcasim intended
[22:35] <Noblecorn> you should sell T-Shirts…. just saying… πŸ™‚
[22:35] <@Jo_Lallo> Yeah. She was sort of an antagonistic protagonist.
[22:35] <Sethrojello> Shakespeare didn’t always have “a villain” and look how he turned out
[22:35] <@Jo_Lallo> Hey Oriech, you hear that? I should sell T-Shirts!
[22:36] <Alicia> and posters!
[22:36] <Kevin_H> What kind of real world setting could you see the Book of Deacon in, personally, I see Finland.
[22:36] <@Jo_Lallo> I can barely spell Shakespeare. I dare not compare myself.
[22:36] <Sethrojello> he invented words….grammar
[22:36] <Oriech> Yeah, you should get on that
[22:37] <Alicia> just add it to your list
[22:37] <@Jo_Lallo> While I say I based the Book of Deacon setting on Vermont, Finland or Siberia come closer to the setting.
[22:37] <Alicia> how are you Oriech?
[22:37] <@Jo_Lallo> What T-Shirts would people want?
[22:37] <Sethrojello> a cool symbol
[22:37] <BoD_8271> Lain!!!
[22:37] <@Jo_Lallo> (This is called market research, everybody.)
[22:38] <Kevin_H> Something involving one of Deacon’s whitty lines.
[22:38] <Noblecorn> a shirt with myn….
[22:38] <Alicia> the mark for sure! it’d match my pendant!!
[22:38] <Sethrojello> a shadow of a character with a mystic whitty obsure quote
[22:38] <Noblecorn> yes!
[22:38] <Kevin_H> OR a shirt with Solby that says “it’s called funk”
[22:38] <Oriech> Petty good. a wee bit tired
[22:38] <Alicia> the main characters together, and then solo would be cool too.
[22:38] <Noblecorn> a shirt with the generals
[22:38] <Alicia> ha ha Kevin_H love it!
[22:39] <Sethrojello> second
[22:39] <@Jo_Lallo> I could do The Mark easily enough.
[22:39] <Oriech> Lots of good ideas
[22:39] <Alicia> I first that!
[22:39] <@Jo_Lallo> The other stuff would cost me a bit extra, since I’d have to buy merch rights to the pictures.
[22:39] <Sethrojello> #yolo
[22:39] <Kevin_H> Actually, a tablet case that has the Mark on it would be pretty awesome. Or a hardcover notebook.
[22:39] <@Jo_Lallo> And the Generals are an interesting though. I don’t have any pictures of those.
[22:39] <Sethrojello> or a car
[22:40] <Alicia> action figures!
[22:40] <Sethrojello> soap on a roap
[22:40] <@Jo_Lallo> I would LOVE to do action figures.
[22:40] <@Jo_Lallo> Hence the figurines.
[22:40] <@Jo_Lallo> Merch is hard, though.
[22:41] <Noblecorn> a video game
[22:41] <@Jo_Lallo> There have been video game attempts.
[22:41] == Brandy [Br****@bo**********.com] has joined #bookofdeacon
[22:41] <Sethrojello> level 1: Finding the Sword
[22:41] <Alicia> they’re great start!
[22:41] <@Jo_Lallo> Video games are a common interest among my friends.
[22:41] <Kevin_H> Level 2 following Myranda as Lain.
[22:42] <Alicia> brainlazy would have a hay day!
[22:42] <@Jo_Lallo> Yep. If a game ever happens, it would probably be a BrainLazy production.
[22:43] <Noblecorn> it could be like a liner game, but you could play as all the chosen, and have each one be a different difficulty… i may or may not have thought up the whole game over the span of a week
[22:43] <Alicia> well with your experience, what would be the easiest to market for a start? shirts, posters or something else?
[22:43] <Brandy> hmmm I have a pretty awesome idea for a video game so if brain lazy ever does want to make video games let me know and I will pass on my ideas to you
[22:43] <Alicia> Zelda keeps coming to mind…
[22:44] <Kevin_H> Once, a Finish metal band was to get their own game, the project was scrapped in 2008, however, the left over data from the production can be over written to serve this purpose exaclty!
[22:44] <Sethrojello> basically
[22:44] <BoD_8271> so you think about doing a map? maybe post it on your website.
[22:44] <Kevin_H> *Finnish
[22:44] <Sethrojello> a shirt with the map all over it
[22:44] <Alicia> 8271 that would be very cool
[22:44] <@Jo_Lallo> I knew I missed a question there.
[22:44] <@Jo_Lallo> https://bookofdeacon.com/wp-content/gallery/all/Fancy-Northern-Alliance-Map.jpg
[22:45] <@Jo_Lallo> That was my best attempt at a map.
[22:45] <Alicia> now if we click on that…will it close our chat??
[22:45] <BoD_8271> yeah! thanks
[22:45] <Sethrojello> nope your chat remains open
[22:45] <Kevin_H> Alicia it just opens another tab… for me atleast
[22:45] <Sethrojello> now on a shirt?
[22:45] <@Jo_Lallo> It should open in a new tab. Or you could copy and paste.
[22:45] <Brandy> Hey Oriech, are you Jo’s friend Oriech? if so do you have any fun stories of jo you would like to share?
[22:45] <Vivi> would love a snow globe with Myn and Lain!
[22:45] <Noblecorn> or middle click it
[22:46] <Noblecorn> vivi YES
[22:46] == BoD_5495 [Bo******@bo**********.com] has quit [Ping timeout: 600 seconds]
[22:46] <@Jo_Lallo> Wow. Never thought of that one.
[22:46] <@Jo_Lallo> Chances are, a poster or shirts will be easiest.
[22:46] <@Jo_Lallo> Probably shirts.
[22:46] <Noblecorn> christmas tree decorations
[22:46] <@Jo_Lallo> I’ve done research.
[22:46] <@Jo_Lallo> Hmm.
[22:46] <Oriech> Stories about Jo? Hmmm
[22:46] <Kevin_H> Use the map as a microbrush for touchscreen devices.
[22:47] <Oriech> Jo, whats the most embarrassing story i can tell about you?
[22:47] <Alicia> this is about to get interesting… lol
[22:47] <Oriech> Actually, you’ve got me beat by… a lot
[22:47] <Alicia> happy almost year or year anniversary Oriech!
[22:48] <Kevin_H> *gets popcorn and a baked potato*
[22:48] <BoD_8271> can’t click on the map cause I’m on my phone πŸ™
[22:48] <@Jo_Lallo> I don’t know. The time the christmas tree fell on me? My legendary spelling bee failure?
[22:48] <Noblecorn> *gets sack of raw potatoes and a dragon*
[22:48] <@Jo_Lallo> The list goes on.
[22:48] <Oriech> hahaha wow thanks. It was a few months back but thanks a lot
[22:48] <Alicia> lol. for some reason I can kinda see the spelling be failure πŸ˜‰
[22:49] <Oriech> hahaha the spelling bee one was the first i thought of
[22:49] <@Jo_Lallo> For the map, you can just go to the site later. It is under Artwork-> support artwork.
[22:49] <BoD_8271> thanks once again Jo!
[22:50] <Alicia> so , about that day job…
[22:50] <@Jo_Lallo> I live to serve.
[22:50] <@Jo_Lallo> Are you going to tell a story, Oriech, or shall I?
[22:50] <Alicia> we the fans or your boss? I know which I’d prefer πŸ™‚
[22:50] <Kevin_H> an odd combination of both perhaps.
[22:50] <Alicia> after story, I have a question
[22:51] <Oriech> Go right ahead. you’re the better story teller after all
[22:51] == Sethrojello [Se********@bo**********.com] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[22:51] <Alicia> make that two questions
[22:51] <@Jo_Lallo> Here’s the spelling bee story.
[22:51] <@Jo_Lallo> I was usually an over achiever in school.
[22:51] <@Jo_Lallo> We had a class spelling bee.
[22:51] <@Jo_Lallo> This was probably 7th grade.
[22:52] <@Jo_Lallo> Everyone expected me to be the winner, easily.
[22:52] <Oriech> 8th
[22:52] <@Jo_Lallo> Even better.
[22:52] <Oriech> We had Ms Ruane
[22:52] <Kevin_H> Ya know, Jo, just for saying that, The Deacon series turned me into a bit of an over achiever in school, then I gave a book report on the trilogy.
[22:52] <Oriech> Thats awesome
[22:52] <@Jo_Lallo> Oh my goodness, you did a book report on my stuff.
[22:53] <@Jo_Lallo> That’s mind-boggling.
[22:53] <Kevin_H> yes, infact i’m sure i told you on the facebook page.
[22:53] <Alicia> what grade are you Kevin? that’s pretty awesome! what was the main topic?? then back to the story…
[22:53] <Brandy> thats pretty cool kevin
[22:53] <Kevin_H> 8th, coincidentally.
[22:53] <Brandy> hahahaha
[22:53] <Alicia> lol nice!
[22:53] <Alicia> *feeling old now
[22:53] <@Jo_Lallo> You may have told me. Recent history is kind of a mush for me.
[22:54] <Kevin_H> My english teacher just wanted me to tell all i could.
[22:54] <Brandy> did you get an A
[22:54] <Oriech> His spelling is better than yours from back then Jo
[22:54] <@Jo_Lallo> Anyhoo, when it was my turn to spell, the word chosen was (Ironically) “Author.”
[22:54] <@Jo_Lallo> I spelled it O-U-T-H-E-R.
[22:54] <Kevin_H> I have no clue, i hope so, my knee cap gave out and i lost my train of thought.
[22:54] <Alicia> uh-oh
[22:54] <Noblecorn> i have a question for when your have a sec, what is your opinion on miley cyrus?
[22:55] <Oriech> The teacher actually thought he misspelled it on purpose
[22:55] <Alicia> that’s hilarious!
[22:55] <@Jo_Lallo> Yeah, she was going to give me a “zero for the day” because she thought I threw the competition. Nope. Just performance anxiety.
[22:56] <Alicia> too funny!
[22:56] <Noblecorn> wow, lol xD
[22:56] <Kevin_H> I wonder what she would say if she met you today and saw all you have accomplished.
[22:56] <Alicia> three questions now.
[22:57] <@Jo_Lallo> Okay, my opinion on Miley Cyrus. Not the sort of question I expected to get, but what the heck? I think she can do whatever she chooses to do, but I wish she’d stop pretending it wasn’t at least a teeny bit for the publicity.
[22:58] <Brandy> haha
[22:58] <Noblecorn> i asked it because my friend on skype told me to, but anyway i feel the same way πŸ˜›
[22:58] <@Jo_Lallo> Okay, Alicia has been saving up her questions, let’s hear them.
[22:58] <Alicia> How is your Nanowrimo story coming along?
[22:59] <Alicia> and what exactly is it? some sort of compititon? Jena is doing it as well.
[22:59] <@Jo_Lallo> NaNoWriMo is very nearly finished.
[22:59] <@Jo_Lallo> I’ll probably hit 50,000 words before bed.
[22:59] <Brandy> jealous you are almost finished
[23:00] <Brandy> I still have a long way to go
[23:00] <Kevin_H> Neat.
[23:00] <@Jo_Lallo> It is a contest of sorts. Writers all challenge themselves to write a 50k word book in the month of November.
[23:00] <Alicia> do they give you a topic? or do you just wing it?
[23:00] <@Jo_Lallo> You write whatever you want.
[23:00] <Alicia> I’m enjoying yours so far
[23:00] <@Jo_Lallo> I’m at 49,115 words.
[23:01] <@Jo_Lallo> But the plot is probably going to overshoot the 50,000 word mark.
[23:01] == BoD_6134 [Bo******@bo**********.com] has joined #bookofdeacon
[23:01] <@Jo_Lallo> (I’m kind of long winded.)
[23:01] <Brandy> shocker
[23:02] <@Jo_Lallo> It needs some work, but I’d better get a move on.
[23:02] <@Jo_Lallo> There are PLANS for this one.
[23:02] <Noblecorn> about how big is a baby malthrope?
[23:02] <@Jo_Lallo> (Incoming plug.)
[23:03] <Kevin_H> *enables surge protector*
[23:03] <@Jo_Lallo> I’m working with StoryBundle.com to run a NaNoWriMo contest.
[23:03] <@Jo_Lallo> Anyone who finishes NaNoWriMo is invited to submit their (revised and proofread) novel and we’ll be picking a few to include in a bundle.
[23:04] <@Jo_Lallo> We’ll also be debuting my NaNo project, assuming it is good enough.
[23:04] <Kevin_H> Which of your characters would you least like to meet in reality?
[23:04] <Brandy> good question
[23:04] <@Jo_Lallo> Who would I least like to meet in reality. Epidime would be worrisome.
[23:04] == Alicia_ [Al****@bo**********.com] has joined #bookofdeacon
[23:05] <Alicia_> weird. what did I miss??? it wouldn’t let me post or see anything new…
[23:05] <@Jo_Lallo> Ether would probably not be the friendliest encounter.
[23:05] <@Jo_Lallo> What’s the last thing you remember?
[23:05] <Alicia_> you said the story line will over shoot the 50k mark
[23:06] <@Jo_Lallo> I plugged the fact that we’ll be doing a storybundle with NaNoWriMo novels, and this one should be debuting in it.
[23:06] <@Jo_Lallo> I was then asked which character I’d least like to meet, and I went with Epidime or Ether.
[23:06] <Alicia_> well that will be a ton of fun!
[23:06] <@Jo_Lallo> Both of whom have a worrying disregard for human life.
[23:07] <Alicia_> yes, yes they do.
[23:07] <Kevin_H> I’d prefer not to meet Desmeres, just because i’ve already met so many like him. *shudder*
[23:07] <Alicia_> do you have time for another question?
[23:07] <@Jo_Lallo> Sure.
[23:08] <Alicia_> you’ve mentioned more than once in either blogs or interviews that you are kinda embarrassed when you first have your work read. Is that still true?
[23:08] <@Jo_Lallo> Absolutely.
[23:09] <Noblecorn> about how big is a baby malthrope?
[23:09] <@Jo_Lallo> I still don’t like hearing people read my stuff out loud.
[23:09] <Alicia_> why?? you’re obviously an accomplished writer.
[23:09] <Kevin_H> Low self confidence in anything self produced. Common trait.
[23:10] == BoD_6214 [Bo******@bo**********.com] has joined #bookofdeacon
[23:10] <@Jo_Lallo> My books are thoughts that fell out of head. These are people reading my thoughts. It makes me feel strangely exposed.
[23:10] == Alicia [Al****@bo**********.com] has quit [Ping timeout: 600 seconds]
[23:10] <Alicia_> I did not quit!
[23:10] <Kevin_H> SO in basic, the internet.
[23:11] <@Jo_Lallo> That was the old you, apparently.
[23:11] == BoD_6134 [Bo******@bo**********.com] has quit [Ping timeout: 600 seconds]
[23:11] <@Jo_Lallo> Okay, how big is a baby malthrope? They are born just about the size of a human infant, but they grow in fits and starts.
[23:11] <Alicia_> interesting. how do you feel about the whole trilogy blowing up? It has to be super exciting!
[23:11] <Kevin_H> Alicia, Epidime is trying to play mind games, free your mind!
[23:11] <Alicia_> great. now my split personalities are coming out. lol
[23:11] <Noblecorn> ok, thats way bigger than i imagined πŸ˜›
[23:12] <@Jo_Lallo> They’re probably a shade smaller than most infants I guess, since multiple births are common, but not much smaller.
[23:12] <@Jo_Lallo> How do I feel about the trilogy doing so well? I still sort of have a hard time believing it.
[23:13] <@Jo_Lallo> I feel like any minute now someone’s going to catch me being successful and say, “Wait, you didn’t earn that.”
[23:13] <Alicia_> what surprises you the most?
[23:13] <@Jo_Lallo> That it’s still happening.
[23:13] <@Jo_Lallo> The trilogy continues to be the main money maker.
[23:13] <Alicia_> Kevin, you see the new Thor? I don’t want a god in my head! really messes you up πŸ™‚
[23:14] <@Jo_Lallo> Years after being written it is still edging out the day job.
[23:14] <Brandy> not bad at all
[23:14] <Kevin_H> I saw the new thor, reminded me of Starwars Episode 2. Didn’t like it as much as the first, nor did i like the first very uch.
[23:14] <Kevin_H> *much
[23:14] <Alicia_> that’s fantastic. Elijah my oldest was just asking me how your books were doing. He’s currently reading the 3rd book.
[23:15] <@Jo_Lallo> I think the third one is my favorite of the trilogy.
[23:15] <Noblecorn> i’ve suggested the trilogy to 8 people 6 of which are reading it
[23:15] <Alicia_> So, where do you see yourself in a year or two with your books?
[23:15] <@Jo_Lallo> I’m getting ever closer to quitting the day job.
[23:15] <Brandy> got to love word of mouth
[23:15] <Alicia_> YAHOO!
[23:16] <Alicia_> so, what’s your pull with strong female leads?
[23:16] <Kevin_H> I hope that one day, you present your boss with a copy of the first book, with the words I QUIT followed by your stationary on the inside cover. lol
[23:16] <@Jo_Lallo> I have copies of all three books of the trilogy in my desk at work, just in case I work up the courage to do something like that.
[23:17] <Alicia_> that’s be pretty awesome!
[23:17] <@Jo_Lallo> My first female lead came along because I’d envisioned a related story with a primarily male cast and I wanted to balance things out.
[23:18] <Alicia_> then Jade, and now your new one. I haven’t read a ton of it yet, but it too seems to have a strong femaile lead.
[23:18] <@Jo_Lallo> All different reasons, I suppose.
[23:19] <@Jo_Lallo> Jade has a strong female lead because it is about a dragon raising a little girl. I don’t imagine such a girl would turn out anything but strong.
[23:19] <Alicia_> Lex was pretty cool. Tho, Ma kinda started taking over a bit…
[23:19] <@Jo_Lallo> Especially in Unstable Prototypes.
[23:20] <Kevin_H> I haven’t gotten around to finishing UP yet! spoiler shield on!
[23:20] == BoD_6214 [Bo******@bo**********.com] has quit [Ping timeout: 600 seconds]
[23:20] <Noblecorn> I haven’t read unstable prototypes yet, no spoilers porf avor
[23:20] <@Jo_Lallo> My lips are sealed.
[23:20] == BoD_8271 [Bo******@bo**********.com] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:20] <@Jo_Lallo> And the latest book (working title: Free-Wrench) has a female main character because it is a steam punk book, and to me, that is largely about the costumes.
[23:21] <@Jo_Lallo> And the female steampunk outfit is more interesting to me.
[23:21] <Kevin_H> Steampunks, Wizards, and T-Lex. sounds like the start to a bad joke.
[23:21] <@Jo_Lallo> It does.
[23:21] <@Jo_Lallo> And you folks didn’t even get a glimpse at the super hero book.
[23:21] <Kevin_H> Or an interesting title to your biography
[23:22] <@Jo_Lallo> Except for the sneak peeks.
[23:22] <@Jo_Lallo> I really should publish that sooner rather than later.
[23:22] <Brandy> yes you should
[23:22] <@Jo_Lallo> There are a few people in this chat who have read it.
[23:23] <Kevin_H> So, whatever happened to Wollof after the first book?
[23:23] <Alicia_> second that. And no spoilers Kevin_H!
[23:23] <Alicia_> lips are sealed πŸ™‚
[23:23] <Oriech> He was banished to this chat
[23:23] <Noblecorn> well, im going to go, thanks for answering my questions!
[23:24] <@Jo_Lallo> No problem. Thanks for stopping by.
[23:24] <Kevin_H> May we be better strangers in another time!
[23:24] == Noblecorn [No*******@bo**********.com] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:24] <@Jo_Lallo> Wolloff was begrudgingly evacuated to a more secure Undermine safe house.
[23:24] <Kevin_H> Ahh that clears up the fog.
[23:25] <@Jo_Lallo> Wolloff is one of a few people who really should have shown up in the coronation scene at the end of Book 3.
[23:25] <@Jo_Lallo> And yes, Wolloff is the moderator of this chat.
[23:26] <@Jo_Lallo> And his cantankerous nature exists even as a chat bot, because his misbehavior is one of the reasons the chat took longer than expected.
[23:26] <Kevin_H> What was the hardest thing to write in your books, out of all of them?
[23:27] <Brandy> this has been fun thanks for the chat.
[23:27] <@Jo_Lallo> Thanks for stopping by.
[23:27] <@Jo_Lallo> I’ll probably wrap up at midnight, so another half hour.
[23:27] <@Jo_Lallo> The hardest thing to write…
[23:27] == Brandy [Br****@bo**********.com] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:27] <@Jo_Lallo> Action scenes, like those in book 3, were tricky.
[23:28] <@Jo_Lallo> So much going on. I lost a lot of readers with all of the “head jumping” that happens.
[23:28] <@Jo_Lallo> My editor was not a fan of that.
[23:28] <Alicia_> Elijah just mentioned that. He thought it was funny how Deacon just appeared and killed two beastes he didn’t know exsisted!
[23:28] <Kevin_H> Oh, Okay. I was mostly referring to the more, plot changing moments, but I think that question is just begging for potential spoilers, answer given works best.
[23:30] <@Jo_Lallo> Ah. Dramatically, the last few chapters of Rise of the Red Shadow were difficult.
[23:30] <Alicia_> woha!! no spoilers!!!
[23:30] <Alicia_> I apologize that it’s taking me soooo long to read and write the review!!! πŸ™
[23:30] <@Jo_Lallo> That’s all I’ll say. Writing the last 10% of that book was a killer for me.
[23:31] <@Jo_Lallo> No worries. I’m not here to give people assignments.
[23:31] <@Jo_Lallo> I don’t (usually) work with deadlines, so my readers certainly shouldn’t.
[23:32] <@Jo_Lallo> I realized a few days ago that, with the completion of the Lain figurine, I don’t have any artwork in the works.
[23:32] <Alicia_> well, you should change that lol. How about Myranda?
[23:32] <Kevin_H> what at all got finished with the big art request you put out in the recent summer?
[23:33] <@Jo_Lallo> Hmm. Let me revisit that list.
[23:33] <@Jo_Lallo> Looks like zilch.
[23:34] <Kevin_H> I know I submitted a very rough idea of what Epidime looked like to me… but.
[23:34] <@Jo_Lallo> Except that.
[23:34] <@Jo_Lallo> That’s in my folder.
[23:35] <@Jo_Lallo> See, the problem is this.
[23:35] <@Jo_Lallo> Fans draw fan art.
[23:35] <@Jo_Lallo> And fans already have my books.
[23:35] <@Jo_Lallo> So I don’t really have anything to offer fans to entice them to produce more fan art.
[23:35] <@Jo_Lallo> So bounties don’t really work.
[23:35] <Kevin_H> true enough.
[23:36] <@Jo_Lallo> Though if I had merch, I guess that would change.
[23:36] <@Jo_Lallo> I do have a stack of audio books in a box behind me.
[23:37] <Kevin_H> I must go, sadly, good talking to you all.
[23:37] <Alicia_> are you happy with how those turned out?
[23:37] <@Jo_Lallo> Thanks for stopping by.
[23:37] == Kevin_H [Ke*****@bo**********.com] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:37] <Alicia_> by Kevin_H!
[23:37] <Alicia_> *bye
[23:37] <@Jo_Lallo> I talked to the figurine sculptor. She said she’d reserve a spot for me in January.
[23:38] <@Jo_Lallo> It’ll probably end up being Ivy or Solby.
[23:38] <@Jo_Lallo> Her choice.
[23:38] <Alicia_> that would be very cool.
[23:39] <Alicia_> Well Mr. Lallo, this has been great! I hope you do them often. Time for me to get kiddo’s off to bed. Thank-you for your time!!
[23:39] <@Jo_Lallo> Thank you!
[23:40] == Alicia_ [Al****@bo**********.com] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:40] <@Jo_Lallo> Any one else in here with any questions?
[23:41] <Vivi> off to bed hmm.. 5:39 am here.. coffee.. bed.. coffee bed.. a lifetime full of decisions!
[23:41] <@Jo_Lallo> Sleep well!
[23:42] <Vivi> are there any chances to get these books translated?
[23:42] <@Jo_Lallo> Translation opportunities are rare.
[23:43] <@Jo_Lallo> It is well beyond my ability to have it done, so I’m at the mercy of foreign publishers on that one.
[23:43] <@Jo_Lallo> MBG Books does Bulgarian translations.
[23:43] <@Jo_Lallo> But so far Spanish and German translations have fallen through.
[23:43] <@Jo_Lallo> And I’ve had no other people take interest.
[23:44] <Vivi> its easier to get the people infected here.. and google translater wonΒ΄t work! πŸ˜€
[23:44] <@Jo_Lallo> Where are you?
[23:45] <Vivi> germany
[23:45] <@Jo_Lallo> Yeah. I had a lot of sales in Germany. A publisher called Blanvalet, I believe, took a long hard look at the trilogy but decided to pass.
[23:46] <Vivi> *hmpf* why the hell!
[23:46] <@Jo_Lallo> Couldn’t say. They thought about it for about three months.
[23:47] <@Jo_Lallo> Then said “Regrettably, we have decided not to pursue foreign language rights.”
[23:47] <@Jo_Lallo> A fan wanted to translate, too.
[23:47] <@Jo_Lallo> But I haven’t heard anything on that in a while.
[23:47] <@Jo_Lallo> The tricky part about getting a translation done is there is no reasonable way for me to know if the quality is any good.
[23:49] <Vivi> would if I could πŸ˜‰ but to read is much easier
[23:50] <Vivi> as you see here *example*
[23:51] <@Jo_Lallo> It’s a massive undertaking. I wouldn’t want to impose anyway.
[23:55] <Vivi> finally i will try to get some sleep πŸ™‚ good night
[23:55] <@Jo_Lallo> Good night!
[23:55] == Vivi [Vi**@bo**********.com] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:56] <@Jo_Lallo> And with that, I think we can wrap things up. This went really well. I’ll definitely have to do it again.