2014-03-08 Q&A Chat 1

[13:48] <@Jo_Lallo> Testing, testing, 1,2,3
[13:48] <@Jo_Lallo> Okay. I’m here and stuff. Ten minutes until things get rolling. Hopefully.
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[13:59] <Alicia> Hello!
[13:59] <@Jo_Lallo> Hi there!
[13:59] <Alicia> and how is the coolest author doing today?
[13:59] <@Jo_Lallo> I’m not sure very many people will show up to this early chat, but I got the request so I figured I’d oblige.
[14:00] <@Jo_Lallo> Well, I don’t know about the coolest author, but I’m doing okay.
[14:00] <Alicia> Sweet! It works for me….evenings are kinda chaotic in this household. lol
[14:00] <@Jo_Lallo> I had a big bagel with fancy cream cheese,and now I’ve got the sci-fi book open in the other window.
[14:00] <@Jo_Lallo> I can imagine things would be a little nuts in the evenings.
[14:00] <@Jo_Lallo> Especially on the weekends.
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[14:01] <Alicia> Elijah wants to subscribe to brainlazy. He’s also very anxious to read more of your books. When is the newest sci-fi being released?
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[14:02] <@Jo_Lallo> Oh, I’m not nearly done with it.
[14:02] <@Jo_Lallo> Life and smaller projects kept getting in the way.
[14:03] <@Jo_Lallo> The books tend to be around 50k words. Sci-fi 3 is at 50,051 right now, so presumably about 1/3rd done.
[14:03] <Alicia> totally understand! Looking forward to it tho!
[14:03] <@Jo_Lallo> It’s been stuck for a while, but I’m finally getting back at it.
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[14:05] <@Jo_Lallo> I suspect we’ve got some folks trying to enter the chat but having nickname issues.
[14:05] <Alicia> shortage of words is not your weakness 🙂
[14:05] <@Jo_Lallo> Very true.
[14:05] <Alicia> I’m seeing that.
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[14:06] <@Jo_Lallo> Greetings!
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[14:07] <Jo_Testing> Okay, it looks like that worked.
[14:07] <BoD_6742> Hello!!!!
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[14:07] <Alicia> Is it easier for you to come up with a plot on your own..or for you do a project like the other eight?
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[14:08] <@Jo_Lallo> Usually I have an easier time with a plot.
[14:08] <@Jo_Lallo> Books for me usually start with characters, plot, or setting.
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[14:08] <@Jo_Lallo> The Other Eight started with the characters.
[14:08] <Alicia> what have you enjoyed more- your fantasy or sci-fi?
[14:08] <@Jo_Lallo> Hmm.
[14:09] <@Jo_Lallo> I probably have more fun writing fantasy stories, but sci-fi is where I feel more comfortable injecting humor.
[14:09] <@Jo_Lallo> So it evens out.
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[14:11] <Alicia> your sci-fi does contain much more humor. your fantasy seems to delve deeper in the emotional realm.
[14:11] <Alicia> chat’s having issues when the author gets booted!
[14:11] <@Jo_Lallo> Eh, that was just me tossing my test account out.
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[14:12] <@Jo_Lallo> Yeah. I’m sure why, but I focus a lot more on emotion in the fantasy stories.
[14:12] <@Jo_Lallo> Welcome!
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[14:13] <mal> evening
[14:13] <@Jo_Lallo> Cool, people are showing up!
[14:13] <Alicia> hi mal!
[14:14] <@Jo_Lallo> So we’re pretty informal here. Just ask a question if you’ve got one. Otherwise I’ll pick something to babble about until a new question comes along.
[14:14] <mal> this a refresher for me, haven’t used a chatroom since msn closed
[14:14] <cutieangellaura> Hello Mr. Joseph Lallo!!! I just finished reading “the book of deacon” and loved it!!
[14:14] <@Jo_Lallo> Great! Glad you liked it!
[14:14] <cutieangellaura> Where did you get your inspiration for this novel?
[14:15] <@Jo_Lallo> For the book of deacon, I got the ideas mostly from playing video games with my friends, acting out our silly ideas, and keeping track of things I liked about fantasy settings over the years.
[14:15] <@Jo_Lallo> From there it was just a lot of daydreaming.
[14:16] <@Jo_Lallo> I get a lot of inspiration from music, too.
[14:17] <Alicia> that’s interesting. who inspires you the most? what is your fav type of music?
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[14:17] <@Jo_Lallo> I’ve got weird tastes in music.
[14:17] <@Jo_Lallo> Classical is usually on the list.
[14:18] <@Jo_Lallo> I listen to a lot of lounge music and big band stuff. (Love a good horn section.)
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[14:18] <cutieangellaura> OMG I loved classical music!
[14:18] <cutieangellaura> was it beethoven, tchaikovsky, mozart, or chopin?
[14:18] <@Jo_Lallo> Beethoven and Tchaikovsky.
[14:19] <@Jo_Lallo> If you twist my arm I’d probably put Tchaikovsky in the lead. Catchier stuff.
[14:19] <Alicia> classical is always good- i listen to the piano guys a lot on pandora….don’t know if they count as classical but I love em.
[14:19] <cutieangellaura> “The Swan” <33
[14:19] <@Jo_Lallo> See, I really tend to like stuff that combines two genres I like, so I’ll find bands like “Apocalyptica”
[14:20] <@Jo_Lallo> Which is heavy metal played on cellos.
[14:20] <cutieangellaura> Just like apocalypse
[14:20] <cutieangellaura> interesting taste in music
[14:20] <Alicia> ah- they’re fun! I love their take on Enter Sandman
[14:20] <@Jo_Lallo> Yeah, I’m all over the musical map.
[14:21] <@Jo_Lallo> “Hall of the Mountain King” by Apocalypica is on my mp3 player right now.
[14:21] <mal> sounds interesting, never heard of apocalypse. have to google them
[14:21] <@Jo_Lallo> I’ve got a whole combat scene in my head based on it.
[14:22] <cutieangellaura> I read so many young adult fiction about apocalypse
[14:22] <@Jo_Lallo> For those interested, here’s the song (warning, it’s intense): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhKe-Z-NhBs
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[14:22] <Alicia> which fight scene is that??
[14:22] <@Jo_Lallo> Haven’t written it yet. Probably the next full length Deacon novel will have it.
[14:23] <@Jo_Lallo> (Ivy is the star.)
[14:23] <@Jo_Lallo> Of the scene, not the book.
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[14:23] <cutieangellaura> wow it is intense
[14:23] <@Jo_Lallo> Yeah. Gets the heart pumping.
[14:23] <cutieangellaura> there are no singing though
[14:23] <Alicia> no longer a trilogy??!!!! can’t wait!!
[14:24] <cutieangellaura> u like instrumental music?
[14:24] <Alicia> listening to it right now 🙂
[14:24] <@Jo_Lallo> When I’m writing, instrumental music is best.
[14:24] <@Jo_Lallo> When I hear people talking I start paying attention to the words, and then I start typing them.
[14:24] <@Jo_Lallo> It’s a mess.
[14:24] <cutieangellaura> Yeah that’s true
[14:24] <@Jo_Lallo> So instrumentals and movie scores are usually what I listen to for writing sessions.
[14:25] <cutieangellaura> Good choice 😀
[14:25] <@Jo_Lallo> For me, “Hall of the Mountain King” just finished, and I’m literally out of breath.
[14:25] <Alicia> thinking these aren’t the same guys I was thinking of…but totally digging it!
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[14:26] <@Jo_Lallo> But anyway, yeah, there will be another Deacon novel, picking up after the trilogy.
[14:26] <cutieangellaura> Wow, what new inspiration did u receive from listening to it?
[14:26] <Alicia> I’ll have to add it my play list once I start riding again. Think it’ll give me that extra boost!
[14:26] <cutieangellaura> battle scene?
[14:27] <@Jo_Lallo> Well, it’s definitely a fight scene. You can feel the whole arc.
[14:27] <@Jo_Lallo> It starts intense, probably the bad guys mustering their forces.
[14:27] <@Jo_Lallo> Then it gets slow, spooky, like the good guys are entering what they don’t know is a battlefield.
[14:27] <cutieangellaura> Is there any romance in the novel?
[14:28] <@Jo_Lallo> Any romance in what, the Deacon series in general, or the next one?
[14:28] <cutieangellaura> the Deacon series
[14:28] <@Jo_Lallo> Not much, but a bit.
[14:28] <cutieangellaura> Miranda and Lain, i assume
[14:28] <cutieangellaura> but i can’t wait to find out
[14:28] <cutieangellaura> i’m moving on to book 2
[14:29] <Alicia> Ha!!! can’t wait for you to finish the series cutieangellaura!
[14:29] <@Jo_Lallo> I’ll admit I was very light on romance in most of my writing for a long time.
[14:29] <cutieangellaura> @Alicia: u finished the whole series already?
[14:29] <cutieangellaura> I guess romance is more of a girl thing?
[14:29] <@Jo_Lallo> Weirdly, The Rise of the Red Shadow probably has the strongest romantic thread. (Weirdly considering who the book focuses on.)
[14:30] <Alicia> oh yes, I’m working on The Rise of the Red Shadow. It’s taking me forever because I homeschool 6 kids and am pregnant with our 7th…
[14:30] <@Jo_Lallo> Romance isn’t necessarily a girl thing, just something I don’t feel very skilled at writing.
[14:30] <cutieangellaura> Ah i see 😀
[14:30] <Alicia> very true. I also think it has the deepest emotional pull. Elijah is dying to read it. I keep telling him after his sister gets here and I can’t do much is when I’ll finish it 🙂
[14:31] <cutieangellaura> Alicia: wow that is a lot of kids
[14:31] <cutieangellaura> Congrats on ur 7th one
[14:31] <Alicia> I disagree. You write it wonderfully. One of my fav things about your writing. It’s romantic without being “adult”
[14:32] <Alicia> Thanks!
[14:32] <cutieangellaura> I agree with Alicia!!
[14:32] <@Jo_Lallo> I’m glad you approve. Every now and then people will pan me in a review for not having anything racy in my writing.
[14:33] <@Jo_Lallo> But more often I get emails thanking me for not getting too graphic.
[14:33] <Alicia> please don’t listen to them.
[14:33] <Alicia> it really is refreshing
[14:33] <cutieangellaura> yeah don’t become affected by negative comments
[14:33] <cutieangellaura> you have your own style 😀
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[14:34] <@Jo_Lallo> I try not to fixate on the negative stuff, but sometimes it can get me down. I bounce back, though. I’m lucky to have gotten more good feedback than bad.
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[14:35] <mal> wb
[14:35] <cutieangellaura> lol thanks
[14:35] <@Jo_Lallo> The raciest stuff I’ve got is probably in the next book, which ironically has the most childish cover.
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[14:35] <mal> so are u going to be writing more of deacon,myranda and myn
[14:35] <cutieangellaura> I love MYN!!!!!!
[14:35] <Alicia> gotta run. Thanks so much for doing this. Have fun with your one tonight!
[14:36] <cutieangellaura> bye Alicia!!!
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[14:36] <@Jo_Lallo> So long, thanks for stopping by!
[14:36] <@Jo_Lallo> I will indeed be writing more involving the core Deacon characters.
[14:36] <cutieangellaura> I wish i have a pet dragon
[14:36] <mal> cya alicia
[14:36] <@Jo_Lallo> You don’t know how hard I’ve tried to get Myn made into a piece of merchandise.
[14:36] <@Jo_Lallo> I’ve got the prototypes.
[14:37] <@Jo_Lallo> Just can’t find a way to have them made without costing the fans an arm and a leg.
[14:37] <cutieangellaura> omg there is merchandise ???
[14:37] <cutieangellaura> i want MYN!!!!!!!
[14:37] <@Jo_Lallo> Hold on, I’ll show you what’s been made. One day I hope to have them available, but right now they are one of a kind.
[14:38] <@Jo_Lallo> Here come the URLs. Make sure to paste them in a new window if you don’t want to fall out of the chat.
[14:39] <@Jo_Lallo> http://bubble-rhapsody.deviantart.com/art/Myn-the-Dragon-Plushie-393021447
[14:39] <@Jo_Lallo> That’s the full size Myn plush.
[14:40] <cutieangellaura> Wow looks so awesome!!
[14:40] == BoD_9317 [Bo******@bo**********.com] has joined #bookofdeacon
[14:40] <cutieangellaura> reminds me of mushu from mulan a bit
[14:40] <@Jo_Lallo> I can see that.
[14:40] <@Jo_Lallo> And here’s a figurine I had made.
[14:40] <@Jo_Lallo> http://leiliak.deviantart.com/art/Myn-Sculpture-Alternate-Views-383870188
[14:41] <mal> thats cool
[14:42] <@Jo_Lallo> I’ve also got sci-fi books, and the designated cute character is a creature called a funk (cross between fox and skunk).
[14:42] <cutieangellaura> Nice!!
[14:42] <@Jo_Lallo> That resulted in a plush and figurine, too.
[14:42] <@Jo_Lallo> And the same sculptor made Lain:
[14:42] <@Jo_Lallo> http://jrlallo.deviantart.com/art/Lain-Sculpture-Alternate-Views-413554295
[14:43] <cutieangellaura> how cool!!
[14:43] <cutieangellaura> u have lain the plushie?
[14:44] <@Jo_Lallo> I don’t.
[14:44] <BoD_9317> just joining . Any thing in the fire to bring stories to film- animated or otherwise?
[14:44] <@Jo_Lallo> Oh how I wish I did.
[14:44] <mal> gone off sci-fi for now unfortunately.
[14:44] <@Jo_Lallo> A few fans spoke to me a while back about doing a web series (live action).
[14:45] <@Jo_Lallo> I haven’t heard back from them, but if anything comes of it I’ll definitely spread the word.
[14:45] <BoD_9317> As i read the books. I could vividly see the scenes play out in my mind. It would be great
[14:45] <cutieangellaura> Hey i gotta go!! Thanks for the time, Joseph!!! 😀
[14:45] <@Jo_Lallo> No problem. Thanks for stopping by!
[14:45] <@Jo_Lallo> Another fan has asked permission to make the first book into a screenplay, so that would be the first
[14:45] <mal> sure it would work well, i listen to loads from podiobook. but from wot i gather there alot of work
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[14:46] <@Jo_Lallo> step into making a movie.
[14:46] <@Jo_Lallo> I do have audio books, too.
[14:46] <@Jo_Lallo> One produced by me, and three by Tantor Audio.
[14:46] <BoD_9317> Who reads?
[14:47] <mal> oddly i cant listen to a book after i’ve read it and visa versa
[14:47] <@Jo_Lallo> The one produced by me has a narrator named Fiona Dwyer.
[14:47] <@Jo_Lallo> That’s for the novella called Jade.
[14:47] <@Jo_Lallo> The books for the trilogy are read by a woman named Karyn O’Bryant.
[14:47] <@Jo_Lallo> I’d honestly never listened to an audio book until I had to “proof listen” Jade.
[14:48] <BoD_9317> I guess where it tis the book of Deacon , it would be a male.
[14:48] <BoD_9317> Him telling the story
[14:49] <@Jo_Lallo> You know, back when I was doing the groundwork, everyone wanted a female for the full story.
[14:49] <@Jo_Lallo> I thought having two readers, a male for male parts and a female for female parts, would be the best idea, but it turns out that’s a whole other thing.
[14:50] <@Jo_Lallo> The call that a “Dramatic Reading” and most audio book companies won’t touch them.
[14:50] <mal> i perfer to listen to fullcast. but they cost and e-books are cheaper. tho i do listen to certain podcasts, abigail hilton, dunesteef, metamor
[14:51] <@Jo_Lallo> I’m always interested to know the various ways books can be offered.
[14:51] <BoD_9317> Well, it is an enchanting sreies that captures the imagination. Ive read it twice and suspect I;ll return to it again when I’m in the mood for agood fantasy.
[14:52] <@Jo_Lallo> There’s something I’m signed up for that I haven’t done much work toward yet called “Booktrack”
[14:52] <@Jo_Lallo> It is an eBook with background music, sound effects, and ambient noise.
[14:52] <BoD_9317> Interesting
[14:53] <@Jo_Lallo> I’m always flattered when I find out someone has re-read my stuff.
[14:53] <@Jo_Lallo> I’m not sure I’ll be doing any more audio books.
[14:54] <mal> always best to reread. u never take it all in the 1st time
[14:54] <mal> or thats just me
[14:54] <@Jo_Lallo> I do tend to pick up new things on each read through of a novel.
[14:54] <BoD_9317> My son Asks me to tell him stories about dragons. I relay to him some of the adventures od min and miranda
[14:55] <@Jo_Lallo> If you haven’t read Jade, that’s a dragon story, too.
[14:55] <BoD_9317> I have and enjoyed that also
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[14:55] <@Jo_Lallo> People are telling my stories to their kids… That’s amazing.
[14:56] <BoD_9317> Checking out for now . Thanks for sharing and writting a great series.
[14:57] <@Jo_Lallo> Thanks for dropping into the chat!
[14:57] <@Jo_Lallo> Bedtime stories are probably what got me started down the path toward writing.
[14:57] <BoD_9317> 🙂
[14:58] <@Jo_Lallo> Every year my family would spend a month up in Vermont, and Mom would have us make a list of “things to be in the story.”
[14:58] <@Jo_Lallo> Then when it was bed time she’d try to make a story that had all of those things.
[14:58] <@Jo_Lallo> I was a kid in the 1980’s, so these stories were about ALF, by the way.
[14:58] <BoD_9317> lucky mman
[14:58] <mal> scary
[14:59] <mal> lol
[14:59] <mal> i had joe 90, stingray
[15:00] <@Jo_Lallo> My childhood was ALF and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
[15:00] <mal> prob why my interest has been sci-fi/fantasy
[15:00] == BoD_9317 [Bo******@bo**********.com] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[15:00] <mal> reading interest*
[15:01] <mal> i think i have just about every sci-fi story isaac asimov published lol
[15:01] <@Jo_Lallo> I found that I liked sci-fi on the screen and fantasy on the page.
[15:02] <@Jo_Lallo> Star Trek and Star Wars to watch, Discworld and Narnia to read.
[15:02] <@Jo_Lallo> Then Lord of the Rings came out and that switched for me for a while.
[15:03] <mal> i was the other way round, u can get away with things easier on screen with fantasy, sci-fi can be more difficult
[15:03] <@Jo_Lallo> Sci-fi is tricky, because we actually HAVE technology.
[15:03] == BoD_5893 [Bo******@bo**********.com] has joined #bookofdeacon
[15:03] <@Jo_Lallo> So we know what things should probably look like.
[15:04] <mal> and fantasy is purely make believe
[15:04] <@Jo_Lallo> Yeah.
[15:04] <@Jo_Lallo> So, let’s see. I should probably plug some of my upcoming stuff. Stuff that’s got a release date, or just about.
[15:04] <mal> new deacon novel?
[15:05] <@Jo_Lallo> No Deacon novel yet. That’s in the planning stages.
[15:05] <@Jo_Lallo> But I’ve got two short stories in the setting that will be showing up in anthologies.
[15:05] <@Jo_Lallo> The first is called The Stump and the Spire, and it is in an anthology called “Neverland’s Library”
[15:06] <mal> ahwell, still got shadow to read.
[15:06] <@Jo_Lallo> The other is called “Seeking the Shadow”, and takes place between The Rise of the Red Shadow and The Book of Deacon.
[15:07] <mal> something to look out for
[15:07] == BoD_5893 [Bo******@bo**********.com] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[15:07] <@Jo_Lallo> That one should be in an Anthology called “ROGUE”
[15:08] <@Jo_Lallo> No release dates on those, but Neverland’s Library is getting close.
[15:08] <mal> i’ll keep an eye out on amazon
[15:08] <@Jo_Lallo> I’ll be sure to post links when they release.
[15:08] <@Jo_Lallo> And six months after their release I’ll be allowed to release them separately on my own.
[15:09] <@Jo_Lallo> The next thing I’m putting out is a stupid superhero story called “The Other Eight.”
[15:09] <@Jo_Lallo> It doesn’t tie in with any of my other stories. Just a fun little side project.
[15:09] <mal> metahumans?
[15:09] <@Jo_Lallo> Yes indeed.
[15:10] <@Jo_Lallo> I use that term quite a bit.
[15:10] <mal> me too
[15:10] <@Jo_Lallo> Though I think I throw a hyphen in there.
[15:10] <mal> comes from listening to the secret world chronicles lol
[15:10] <@Jo_Lallo> The book is specifically about metahumans with really awful powers.
[15:11] <@Jo_Lallo> From the merely useless, like having “super illegible handwriting” to the actively detrimental, like getting attacked with bees on command.
[15:11] <@Jo_Lallo> attacked by bees, that is.
[15:12] <mal> lol
[15:13] <@Jo_Lallo> Yeah. It was a game my friends and I would play. “What’s the worst superhero you can think of?”
[15:13] <@Jo_Lallo> Then NaNoWriMo came around and I was like “… I’ll bet I could make a story about these guys.”
[15:14] <mal> did u manage to do nanowrimo coz alot of the authors i listen to via podcast always seem to struggle
[15:15] <@Jo_Lallo> Yep! I’ve pulled it off two years in a row.
[15:15] <@Jo_Lallo> It helps that I have a big backlog of ideas.
[15:16] <@Jo_Lallo> My goal is to use NaNoWriMo to try something new each time.
[15:16] <mal> plus having a goal to reach in a certain time frame
[15:16] <@Jo_Lallo> Yes.
[15:16] <@Jo_Lallo> You have to average 1667 words per day.
[15:16] == Lupo26 [Lu****@bo**********.com] has joined #bookofdeacon
[15:17] <Lupo26> hi
[15:17] <@Jo_Lallo> And realizing you haven’t made much progress is a huge motivator to stay at the keyboard.
[15:17] <@Jo_Lallo> Hi!
[15:17] <@Jo_Lallo> Welcome.
[15:17] <Lupo26> greetings from a fan from Puerto Rico
[15:17] <mal> hi lupo i’m in the uk
[15:18] <Lupo26> hey mal 🙂
[15:18] <@Jo_Lallo> And I’m in New Jersey, USA.
[15:18] <@Jo_Lallo> We’re spanning the globe!
[15:18] <Lupo26> yeah
[15:18] <Lupo26> how cold is overthere right now jo?
[15:19] <@Jo_Lallo> It’s pretty nice, actually. About 50 degrees F
[15:19] <Lupo26> yeah it is really nice
[15:19] <Lupo26> I miss the snow 🙁
[15:19] <@Jo_Lallo> There’s still mounds of it around here.
[15:20] <mal> we used old celcius over here
[15:20] <@Jo_Lallo> But it is slowly melting.
[15:20] <Lupo26> cool
[15:21] <Lupo26> apart from the books r u going to sell action figures?
[15:21] <@Jo_Lallo> I’m always looking at stuff like that. Action figures would be neat.
[15:21] <@Jo_Lallo> I was showing off pictures of my commissioned figurines earlier in the chat.
[15:22] <mal> brb
[15:22] <@Jo_Lallo> The problem is, while the fans I’ve got are clearly awesome, I don’t really have many.
[15:22] <Lupo26> are those the same as the ones u posted on facebook?
[15:22] <@Jo_Lallo> Yep.
[15:22] <Lupo26> yeah I’ve seen them… and love them lol
[15:23] <@Jo_Lallo> I ended up, in a roundabout way, talking to someone who does merchandising for video games and I asked about how to go about releasing stuff like that to the fans.
[15:23] <@Jo_Lallo> She said, “If you have less than 1000 of anything made, it’ll cost too much. Most companies won’t even do an order that’s less than a thousand.
[15:23] <@Jo_Lallo> ”
[15:24] <Lupo26> yeah that’s true
[15:24] <@Jo_Lallo> Posters are cheap, though. I could probably do posters.
[15:24] <@Jo_Lallo> For a while my friends and I were batting around the idea of a game for cell phones.
[15:25] <Lupo26> I would love a Myn poster
[15:25] <@Jo_Lallo> That awesome sketch that’s my Facebook banner?
[15:26] <Lupo26> yeah that one
[15:26] <@Jo_Lallo> I’ll keep it in mind.
[15:26] <@Jo_Lallo> Man. I’m always super excited when I get another excuse to commission something from that artist.
[15:26] <Lupo26> nice 🙂
[15:27] <@Jo_Lallo> Nick is so very talented.
[15:27] <@Jo_Lallo> You think maybe I should have a full color, full detail version made?
[15:27] <Lupo26> yeah he is awesome
[15:27] <Lupo26> I really like the sketch
[15:28] <Lupo26> it has that antique look/feeling
[15:29] <@Jo_Lallo> Me too. I’d ordered the sketches to see what sort of stuff I felt would look best as full color.
[15:30] <Lupo26> cool
[15:30] <@Jo_Lallo> And then when I got them I didn’t feel any of them needed color.
[15:30] <@Jo_Lallo> Might still do it though.
[15:30] <@Jo_Lallo> More art is always better than less art.
[15:30] <Lupo26> yeah
[15:31] <Lupo26> and then u can give the fans the opportunity to choose
[15:31] <@Jo_Lallo> I do love picking the brains of my fans.
[15:31] <Lupo26> yeah I’ve noticed
[15:31] <Lupo26> lol
[15:32] <@Jo_Lallo> You think I’m bad with my fans, you should see what my friends have to put up with.
[15:33] <@Jo_Lallo> They get a vote on practically everything I do regarding the books, and if I disagree with their vote I’ll debate with them.
[15:33] <mal> sorry gotta go, nice chatting joseph. i’ll try to pop in next time, keep up the good work
[15:34] <@Jo_Lallo> Many thanks. Glad to have you!
[15:34] == mal [ma*@bo**********.com] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[15:34] <Lupo26> it must be really cool to debate with the creator of that world
[15:35] <@Jo_Lallo> Well, you’d have to ask them, I suppose. There are perks, I’ll tell you that.
[15:35] <@Jo_Lallo> Both of the guys I debate with have characters in the stories.
[15:35] <@Jo_Lallo> So to speak.
[15:35] <@Jo_Lallo> Based on/named for them.
[15:36] <@Jo_Lallo> And they are always lobbying for more scenes with their characters.
[15:36] <@Jo_Lallo> Desmeres and Oriech, by the way.
[15:36] <@Jo_Lallo> If he wasn’t on vacation right now, you’d probably have seen Oriech in this chat.
[15:37] <Lupo26> awesome
[15:37] <Lupo26> is Myranda based on someone u know?
[15:37] <@Jo_Lallo> Not really.
[15:38] <@Jo_Lallo> The main characters tend to be totally imagined.
[15:38] <@Jo_Lallo> Some of them are slices of me with some exaggerations.
[15:38] <@Jo_Lallo> Myn is probably a combination of every cat or dog I’ve ever known.
[15:39] <Lupo26> cool
[15:39] <Lupo26> how about Lain?
[15:40] <@Jo_Lallo> Lain was a weird one.
[15:41] <@Jo_Lallo> He was developed more or less by starting with a very basic plot requirement, then seeing what the character turned into.
[15:41] <@Jo_Lallo> As Leo, my note was “Really nice, friendly guy. The exact sort of person Myranda would want to talk to.”
[15:41] == BoD_9297 [Bo******@bo**********.com] has joined #bookofdeacon
[15:41] <@Jo_Lallo> The note for when he showed his true colors was “Nothing but purpose.”
[15:42] <Lupo26> cool
[15:42] <@Jo_Lallo> And the character grew from there. He sort of built himself, which happens with a lot of my characters.
[15:42] <Lupo26> I really was surprised of leo’s truth
[15:44] <@Jo_Lallo> Glad to hear it!
[15:45] <@Jo_Lallo> Okay, let’s see.
[15:45] <Lupo26> R u going to make another book inspired in the book of deacon’s world?
[15:45] <@Jo_Lallo> Yes indeed.
[15:46] <@Jo_Lallo> There are a few points in the timeline that will probably get a new book.
[15:46] <@Jo_Lallo> There are events between The Rise of the Red Shadow and The Book of Deacon that readers of both are rather sore at me for not addressing.
[15:47] <Lupo26> awesome
[15:47] <@Jo_Lallo> So I wouldn’t be surprised if I filled that in.
[15:47] <@Jo_Lallo> I’d also like to continue off of the end of the trilogy.
[15:47] <@Jo_Lallo> And then there’s the infamous “Unfinished Second Trilogy”…
[15:48] <Lupo26> if u need insight of the next things u will write I can help LOL… joking I know u have ur people
[15:49] <@Jo_Lallo> Auditioning for the role of Beta Reader, are you?
[15:49] <Lupo26> lol yeah
[15:51] <@Jo_Lallo> It’s a pretty small circle of people right now, but I’ll keep it in mind. I’ve got contact info on the site, including an email address. I don’t have anything at the beta reading stage right now, but I’ll announce the next time something’s getting close.
[15:51] <@Jo_Lallo> You can shoot me an email and we can discuss it when the time comes.
[15:52] <Lupo26> ok awesome thnks!
[15:52] <@Jo_Lallo> Okay, we’ll probably wind this down in a little while.
[15:53] <@Jo_Lallo> Let me see what else I’ve got on my list here.
[15:53] <Lupo26> ok
[15:53] <@Jo_Lallo> Free-Wrench, the steampunk book.
[15:53] <@Jo_Lallo> I just formatted that one. No release date, but I do know HOW it will be released. It’ll be special.
[15:54] <@Jo_Lallo> I’m talking to the folks at StoryBundle. I may debut it through them.
[15:54] <@Jo_Lallo> Still discussing.
[15:54] == BoD_2386 [Bo******@bo**********.com] has joined #bookofdeacon
[15:54] <@Jo_Lallo> Hi!
[15:54] <Lupo26> that sounds really cool
[15:54] <@Jo_Lallo> Earlier I’d said there are three ways I’ll start a book.
[15:55] <Lupo26> well Joseph its been a pleasure to chat with you man
[15:55] <@Jo_Lallo> Pleasure chatting with you! Thanks for stopping by.
[15:55] <Lupo26> sadly I’ve got to go for now… take care and keep up the awesome work!
[15:55] <Lupo26> bye
[15:56] <@Jo_Lallo> So long.
[15:56] == Lupo26 [Lu****@bo**********.com] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[15:56] <@Jo_Lallo> The three ways are plot, setting, and characters. BoD started with the plot (mostly), The Other Eight started with the characters, and Free-Wrench was setting.
[15:57] <@Jo_Lallo> Okay, we’re pulling up on the two hour mark.
[15:57] <@Jo_Lallo> Anyone in here have any questions?
[15:57] == BoD_2386 [Bo******@bo**********.com] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[15:58] <@Jo_Lallo> (If not, no pressure. I’ll post the chat transcript and there’ll be another chat at 9pm)