2014-03-08 Q&A Chat 3

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[23:31] <@Jo_Lallo> Hi
[23:31] <BoD_4264> Hey there! it’s the other Jo! 🙂 i tried to change my nickname, but it didn’t like that.
[23:32] <BoD_4264> So, tell me what’s new in your book world!
[23:32] <@Jo_Lallo> The workings of this chat room is a mystery to me. Oriech set it up.
[23:32] <@Jo_Lallo> Well, there’s two books and two short stories on the way.
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[23:32] <@Jo_Lallo> I’ve got “The Other Eight” coming out on April 1st.
[23:33] <@Jo_Lallo> That’ll be a normal release.
[23:33] <@Jo_Lallo> Then there’s Free-Wrench.
[23:33] <BoD_4264> Awesome! are they set in the same world? You did an amazing job of world building, btw!
[23:33] <@Jo_Lallo> The short stories are in the Deacon setting.
[23:33] <@Jo_Lallo> The two novels are each one-shot stories.
[23:33] <@Jo_Lallo> Unique settings.
[23:34] <@Jo_Lallo> Though I suppose each could turn into a series eventually.
[23:34] <BoD_4264> cool! what are the settings?
[23:34] <@Jo_Lallo> The Other Eight is a modern setting with superheroes.
[23:34] <@Jo_Lallo> Thoroughly useless powers.
[23:34] <BoD_4264> I’ve got a friend that just sold a spin off series.
[23:35] <@Jo_Lallo> Really? Cool!
[23:35] <@Jo_Lallo> About what?
[23:35] <BoD_4264> I’d love to see more series out of you!
[23:36] <@Jo_Lallo> Heh.
[23:36] <@Jo_Lallo> I almost said what the ending of The Other Eight was.
[23:36] <BoD_4264> Faith Hunter, she does an urban fantasy, the Jane Yellowrock novels
[23:36] <@Jo_Lallo> Cool.
[23:36] <@Jo_Lallo> I’ll have to take a look.
[23:36] <BoD_4264> LOL! spoilers out of you, huh? 🙂
[23:37] <@Jo_Lallo> Yeah. I was going to suggest how it could be made into a series, then nearly brought up the final plot point.
[23:37] <BoD_4264> Yeah, Faith does good work.
[23:37] <@Jo_Lallo> Anyhoo, The Other Eight is as close to a pure comedy as I’ve written.
[23:37] <BoD_4264> Really? sounds good!
[23:38] <@Jo_Lallo> A hero named Nonsensica who has the power to say two-word phrases so confusing they make you twitch when you hear them.
[23:38] <BoD_4264> Is it all age appropriate, like BoD was?
[23:38] <BoD_4264> ROFLOL!!
[23:39] <@Jo_Lallo> Yes and no. There’s no graphic sex or violence in them, but there’s a few naught jokes and slightly harsher language.
[23:39] <@Jo_Lallo> naughty, that is.
[23:39] <BoD_4264> My husband said that not being able to sleep is my super power. i told him i wanted to give it back!
[23:39] <@Jo_Lallo> See, that’d be right at home in this book.
[23:39] <BoD_4264> When will it be out?
[23:40] <@Jo_Lallo> April Fools Day, right around the corner.
[23:40] <@Jo_Lallo> You can actually read the first half of it right now.
[23:40] <BoD_4264> And if you ever need a beta reader, I’m here for you!
[23:40] <BoD_4264> April fools! perfect!!
[23:40] <@Jo_Lallo> Smashwords has a fifty percent sample.
[23:41] <BoD_4264> cool! I’ll get it tonight!
[23:41] <@Jo_Lallo> I don’t have anything in the Beta Reading stage right now, but I’ll keep you in mind.
[23:41] <@Jo_Lallo> The other novel is Free-Wrench.
[23:41] <@Jo_Lallo> It’s a steampunk novel.
[23:41] <BoD_4264> Thanks, I’d really like that.
[23:41] <BoD_4264> Oh my gosh, i love steam punk!
[23:42] <@Jo_Lallo> This is naturally my first attempt at it, but I had fun.
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[23:42] <@Jo_Lallo> Hopefully it’ll go over well.
[23:42] <BoD_4264> And it’s out?
[23:42] <@Jo_Lallo> No release date on that one yet.
[23:42] <BoD_4264> ah. gotcha.
[23:42] <@Jo_Lallo> But I’ve been talking to the storybundle guy.
[23:43] <@Jo_Lallo> It’ll probably release in a bundle.
[23:43] <BoD_4264> That seemed to go well before.
[23:43] <@Jo_Lallo> The two short stories are going to be in anthologies, so I don’t control their release.
[23:43] <@Jo_Lallo> They are both Book of Deacon tie-ins.
[23:44] <@Jo_Lallo> The first one to release will be The Stump and the Spire.
[23:44] <BoD_4264> Hey, that is a good thing, though! Who else will be in the anthology? great way to pull in New fans!
[23:44] <@Jo_Lallo> Let me dig it up.
[23:45] <@Jo_Lallo> http://www.neverlandsbooks.com/#!neverlands-library/c22pp
[23:45] <@Jo_Lallo> There it is.
[23:45] <@Jo_Lallo> The theme is “Rediscovery”
[23:46] <BoD_4264> I’ll click on it later, or I’m afraid I’ll screw up my connection. I’m on my kindle, so i don’t want to over load it.
[23:47] <@Jo_Lallo> Got you.
[23:47] <BoD_4264> I’d it based after the end of BoD?
[23:47] <@Jo_Lallo> My story is about a pair of kids in the approximate era that Jade takes place. They find a relic of the Perpetual War and almost cause something very unfortunate to happen.
[23:47] <BoD_4264> Intriguing!
[23:47] <@Jo_Lallo> I’ll be posting this chat log later (well, tomorrow, probably) so you’ll be able to find the link there.
[23:48] <BoD_4264> Ok, that sounds great
[23:48] <@Jo_Lallo> The other short story is in a not-yet-finalized anthology called ROGUE.
[23:48] <@Jo_Lallo> Seeking the Shadow.
[23:48] <BoD_4264> Good title!
[23:48] <@Jo_Lallo> The story takes place after The Rise of the Red Shadow.
[23:48] <@Jo_Lallo> And as the name would suggest, it’s about someone looking for him.
[23:49] <BoD_4264> Ah!!
[23:49] <@Jo_Lallo> That one was just finished a few weeks ago.
[23:49] <@Jo_Lallo> I got a good response to it from the beta readers.
[23:49] <@Jo_Lallo> Generally the feeling was “Why isn’t this a full novel?”
[23:49] <BoD_4264> He is a great character. I’m a soft hearted mommy, and reading the beginning of red shadow really squeezed my heart!
[23:50] <@Jo_Lallo> He turned out a lot cuter than I’d expected in that one.
[23:50] <BoD_4264> Adorable!!
[23:51] <BoD_4264> Sneaking in to sleep in the shack….waaaa!!!
[23:51] <@Jo_Lallo> Hehehe
[23:51] <BoD_4264> That’s another plushy that needs making!
[23:51] <BoD_4264> 🙂
[23:51] <@Jo_Lallo> Don’t tempt me.
[23:51] <BoD_4264> And his child????
[23:52] <BoD_4264> Stories that need telling!!
[23:52] <@Jo_Lallo> It’s funny, my plush lady just closed up shop so she can go to school, so I’ll need a new one.
[23:52] <BoD_4264> Darn.
[23:52] <@Jo_Lallo> Sorrel and the twins.
[23:53] <BoD_4264> sigh!!!
[23:53] <@Jo_Lallo> I tell you, I keep trying to close the book on the malthropes, and people just can’t get enough of them.
[23:53] <BoD_4264> too many things to relate to, yet a totally alien being!! it’s a thought trap!
[23:54] <@Jo_Lallo> I get so many emails about them.
[23:54] <BoD_4264> Makes you want more. how are we alike, how are we different, what makes their families tick….
[23:54] <BoD_4264> i bet!!
[23:54] <@Jo_Lallo> Usually with, “Okay, so the malthropes are all hiding, right? They’re going to show back up soon, right?
[23:54] <@Jo_Lallo> ”
[23:54] <BoD_4264> right???
[23:55] <BoD_4264> LOL!
[23:55] <@Jo_Lallo> It is an endless chain.
[23:55] <@Jo_Lallo> “Okay, I’ll tell about Lain’s childhood, but that’s it…”
[23:55] <BoD_4264> it is so awesome how it starts feeling REAL! You want them to all be ok!
[23:55] <@Jo_Lallo> “Okay, I’ll fill in the gaps between that and BoD, but that’s it…”
[23:56] <@Jo_Lallo> Imagine how it feels for me!
[23:56] <@Jo_Lallo> I’m the one who would have to put the ax to them.
[23:56] <@Jo_Lallo> Which is why I never do.
[23:56] <BoD_4264> My son writes, silk hasn’t gotten up the guts to send something in, but i tell him about you, being an indie and all…And to not give up.
[23:56] <@Jo_Lallo> There’s always a chance.
[23:57] <BoD_4264> still, not silk, lol!
[23:57] <@Jo_Lallo> Oh yeah. As long as you’ve got a story to tell, you’ll be able to find someone to read it.
[23:57] <@Jo_Lallo> It’s an interesting time to be a writer.
[23:57] <BoD_4264> but i want you to know how you are an inspiration.
[23:57] <@Jo_Lallo> Everything’s being shaken up.
[23:57] <BoD_4264> it is a good thing! 🙂
[23:57] <@Jo_Lallo> Well I’m honored to be an inspiration.
[23:58] <BoD_4264> 🙂
[23:58] <BoD_4264> he’s still a kid. just 22. got lots of time yet.
[23:59] <@Jo_Lallo> Oh, yeah. Plenty of time.
[23:59] <BoD_4264> Yeah, e publishing is amazing! i think back to when everything had to be hand copied…we come a long way baby!
[23:59] <@Jo_Lallo> That’s about when I was finishing typing BoD and thinking about publishing. It was another five years or so before I actually did something with it.
[00:00] <@Jo_Lallo> We really have.
[00:00] <@Jo_Lallo> Even in the last few years.
[00:00] <@Jo_Lallo> I read an article from 1995 about what a guy thought the internet would be like.
[00:00] <BoD_4264> Heck, i remember watching Star Trek, TNG, and they had kindle! LOL, and i told my husband, i want that!!
[00:00] <@Jo_Lallo> And he was all doom and gloom.
[00:00] <@Jo_Lallo> They totally did!
[00:01] <@Jo_Lallo> My brother is literally watching TNG right now.
[00:01] <@Jo_Lallo> Anyway, the net guy was saying “Just try looking up the date of The Battle of Trafalgar. It takes fifteen minutes to sift through the garbage you get now, and it will only get worse.”
[00:01] <BoD_4264> Great show!! i remember my hubby and i buying our first color tv, (we were so broke!) And going, hey, Data is yellow!!
[00:02] <@Jo_Lallo> After I read that, on my phone, I tapped a button and said “The battle of Trafalgar” and the date came up.
[00:02] <@Jo_Lallo> Such a good show.
[00:02] <@Jo_Lallo> Though the first season was a little rough.
[00:02] <BoD_4264> Well, search engines have gotten a bit better! Thank heavens for Wikipedia-!
[00:03] <@Jo_Lallo> Around here the rule of thumb for TNG is “Does Riker have a beard? Okay, it’s probably a decent episode.”
[00:03] <BoD_4264> True! “Bill” Riker???
[00:03] <BoD_4264> LOL! Agree!
[00:04] <BoD_4264> Fiction stretches our minds.
[00:04] <BoD_4264> what was sci fi then is common place now.
[00:04] <@Jo_Lallo> I’d seen an interview with the guy who helped develop the iPod.
[00:04] <BoD_4264> although we are still waiting for the flying cars…
[00:05] <@Jo_Lallo> And he said an episode of TNG inspired it.
[00:05] <BoD_4264> i believe it.
[00:05] <@Jo_Lallo> Data was listening to 10 classical pieces at once.
[00:05] <BoD_4264> Very cool.
[00:06] <@Jo_Lallo> When I was trying to tell someone about my sci-fi, they wanted to know what the setting was like, and I said, “The flying car future.”
[00:06] <BoD_4264> !!
[00:07] <@Jo_Lallo> One of the points of the third book in my sci-fi setting is whether or not aliens have been discovered.
[00:07] <@Jo_Lallo> I’ve got it open in the other window right now.
[00:07] <BoD_4264> hmmmm!!
[00:08] <BoD_4264> This has been awesome. Thank you so much!
[00:09] <@Jo_Lallo> No problem. Thanks for stopping by!
[00:09] <BoD_4264> And if i can beta for you, just holler!
[00:09] <BoD_4264> have a great night!
[00:09] <@Jo_Lallo> Will do. Sleep well.