Classic Fan Art

What was originally a small section of the main artwork page has now graduated into its own full fledged page. Below you will find artwork sent to me by readers depicting their favorite characters from my stories as they imagined them. One of my favorite parts of this entire self-publishing experiment has been the rare but treasured arrival of a piece of art. I am blown away first by the talent of some of my readers, and second that my silly little story could have inspired them to produce such gems. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.




The first piece of art to depict Ivy, I am still astounded by the degree to which this sketch captures the way the character gets lost in the act of playing her violin. I think a fan said it best when she commented that seeing this made her long for an animated version of the trilogy. I’m told by that this may show up in a cleaned up, colored form. Naturally I’ll share it if and when it comes.

And here is another beautiful image by the same artist. I’m told she’s working on Lain next. Can’t wait!

Another great piece from catseathedevil, this is part of a series of sketches representing sketches drawn by Ivy herself within the plot of the trilogy. That would make this a sketch of a self-portrait, if that makes sense.

CatseaTheDevil’s great gifts keep rolling in. Here is Ivy being spied on by a watcher, one of Demont’s little surveillance critters.

In this CatseaTheDevil piece, we see for the first time that Ivy’s eyes are, in fact, pink. At least, when she’s not feeling overly emotional…

Here’s drawing of Ivy by Sandy, who you’ll see has made quite a few contributions to this page, and just started her own deviant art page, ArieieTheWatcher.

Here’s a Second Life avatar based on Ivy, courtesy of Angel Piros Hellbrand (hakimba.firehawk). Another example of people walking around as one of my characters. That’s pretty neato.


One of three characters drawn by nami, here we have a decidedly anime influenced version of the trilogy’s main character, Myranda. If I had any artistic talent at all, drawings like this would have littered the pages of the notebooks containing the longhand version of the story.

This is an alternate outfit that Myranda dons for a time during The Great Convergence, as envisioned by ArieieTheWatcher. Technically this isn’t Myranda, it is “Alexia”.


Also from nami, this is the first piece of fan art I received depicting Deacon, and it shares the anime style of her other pictures. I particularly like the untamed hair; quite representative of Deacon and his tendency to overlook the little things.

The second image drawn by catseathedevil, this one was technically a special request by me. She’d asked if I had any requests, and after her top notch group image down below, I felt the next most central character from Book 1 was Deacon. Thus, here he is. She insists she doesn’t draw male characters very often, but I think it came out great.


The third image from nami, this one depicts one of the two characters that I have received the most requests for images of, Lain. Technically he is visible on the cover of The Battle of Verril, but there he is shrouded in shadow. I like the ears in this one.

Who is that adorable little bundle of fuzz? Yes, Malthropes are cute when they’re little. This is young Lain, before he received that or any of his many other names. It was drawn by Sandy, aka ArieieTheWatcher


Here’s a great picture of Myn, by a fan who is also an aspiring writer! There are a few little things about this picture that I love, but if I were to list why I love them, I’d have to label them as spoilers.

In case you couldn’t tell, this is another masterpiece by catseathedevil. This is the first image of Myn to show off the little rascal she can be sometimes, and more importantly, how dangerous it might be to get on her bad side. Just look what she did to that helmet! I’ve said it elsewhere, but I love that look on her face. This image was drawn in response to one commissioned for the Myn plush, so I may have inadvertently started a rivalry. Play nice, folks!

If you want to see another great Myn image, check out the SPOILER gallery, but as the name suggests, only if you’ve read the trilogy, or are okay with SPOILERS.


CatseaTheDevil earns the honor of being the first to do a piece of fan art depicting a character outside the original trilogy. This is Halfax, a dragon from the story Jade.


The third image by catseathedevil, this one tackles one of the most difficult characters in the books (in terms of both visual complexity and personality), Ether. In this case the image was drawn prior to the shape shifter even getting her name. The eyes are really neat in this image.

Another image from the prolific fan artist catseathedevil. This time she’s showing off Ether in three of her most frequent elemental forms.

Ether being a shape shifter, I’m never quite sure if pictures of her count as naked or not. This image by Sandy takes an interesting route around the problem by introducing strategically placed wisps of flame.


Another picture by Sandy, this is the first image of Calypso to appear as fan art. There is an officially commissioned piece over in Official Art, however.


Like Calypso, Ayna is a character who showed up first as official artwork, then as fan art. This lovely piece of art is by Sandy, who also is the first fan I’ve heard from who considers Ayna her favorite character. The commissioned image is on this page, by CatseaTheDevil.

Another image by Sandy, this time presenting a theory as to what in Ayna’s past could have produced such a bitter and abrasive attitude.

Here’s a great picture of her as envisioned by Deviant Art member EmeraldBreeze2. Beautiful shading on this one.


In case you haven’t come to recognize her style, this is another picture by CatseaTheDevil. She now has a nearly comprehensive collection of named dragons who have made an appearance in my books. This here is Solomon, Fire Master of Entwell, illustrating his flagrant disregard for the human sleep/wake cycle.


Here’s a picture a buddy of mine has been waiting to see for a while, a picture of Oriech a mysterious character with a larger role than most people realize. Another piece by ArieieTheWatcher.


This is the first bit of fan art depicting one of the principle villains of the series, in this case Epidime. Any RIFT players may recognize the visuals, or for that matter, may have run into the character. That’s so awesome. It is like the books are leaking into other realities! He’s here with his signature halberd, too! This was submitted via a comment on this very page, so thanks Kevin!


Yep! Teht, who at this point has approximately one scene with any lines, is the star of this, a piece that is equal parts commission and fan art from the always wonderful ArieieTheWatcher.


This picture of Myranda, Lain (Leo) and Myn holds a special place in my heart for a few reasons. For one, it is the very first piece of fan art I received. For another, it is the first piece of artwork to depict Myn. Look at her down there. She’s even got the Elite helmet/chew toy!

The big three from The Book of Deacon again, this time by catseathedevil, a fan over on deviant art. I’ve had a few people tell me that they feel that the trilogy would be well suited to anime. This is certainly another strong piece of evidence to support that! Myn is looking particularly playful back there, isn’t she?

This is another of the “Ivy’s Sketches” series of sketches by catseathedevil, this time depicting Lain and Ether (in her human form). That makes it a juxtaposition of one of the most popular characters with one of the least popular. Can you guess which is which?

The final entry in the “Ivy’s Sketches” series, this is a drawing of Myranda and Deacon. I’ll be honest, as the books began to gain a following, I was always really hoping that someone would tackle the sketches Ivy made. That’s why I was thrilled to receive these. Many thanks again, catseathedevil!

Here’s a picture by Sandy showing off Halfax and Jade from my short novel. It is nice to see people beginning to warm up to these characters, particularly because one of them is likely to be showing up again one day.

Deacon, Myranda, and Ayna are the stars of this scene, again by Sandy. I love this picture not only because it looks good, but because it explores a scene in the book from a different perspective. Remember when Myranda showed up a wee bit too late for Ayna’s taste? Well, this is here POV on the moment.

Once again, Sandy sends me some art highlighting a fun little moment in the story. Here “Leo” is laughing as Myranda discovers what’s for dinner while traversing the cave.

Here’s one from Cassie. It shows off Calypso having a conversation with Deacon about Myranda. What precisely they are talking about is semi-spoilery, so suffice to say that it is something Calypso takes no end of delight in discussing, and something Deacon doesn’t quite know how to handle.


Here’s an artistic interpretation how ArieieTheWatcher envisioned Dragoyles, the recurring heavy hitters of the D’karon forces.


The work of Amy, who has an excellent Etsy shop called Bright Jewels, I suppose this is technically the first “officially licensed merchandise” associated with the books. These are pendants based on the mark of the chosen, which had formerly graced the cover of the first book in the trilogy.


This is Alicia, a long time fan and proud owner of the very first piece of Book of Deacon merchandise ever sold.