Classic Spoiler Art

Beware! These images, gorgeous though they my be, represent plot elements that may spoil certain parts of the story. That makes them SPOILERS. So view them only if you have finished reading my books or don’t mind seeing a thing or two that might have been intended as a surprise.


This is easily one of my favorite pieces of fan art so far. It is by catseathedevil, and depicts Myn following her return to the story. Not only does she look magnificent, we even get a little glimpse of her “Corrupted” form. Glorious.

Young Myranda and Trigorah

Though not much is made of it at the time, it is mentioned that Trigorah was a friend of Myranda’s father, and in fact is Myranda’s Godmother. That little fact flared up the imagination of ArieieTheWatcher, and thus this image was born.


Though there is nothing particularly plot ruining about this picture of Sorrel, a female malthrope and friend of Lain/Leo/Teyn, the fact that I haven’t finished writing the story that she’s revealed in yet makes me think that this image belongs here. It is once again the work of ArieieTheWatcher.

Lain’s End

Now THIS is plot ruining, as it is a scene just a few pages from the end of the trilogy. It shows Ether’s emotional reaction to the event that gave a remote field in the mountains north of Verril–Lain’s End–its name.