Classic Support Artwork

Despite my best efforts, sometimes words just aren’t enough to get the full effect of a story or setting. To help along where my descriptions fall short, I’ve made (or commissioned) the items below in response to requests from readers for a bit more depth.



 I describe the process a bit better here, but this is my first serious attempt to address the requests for a map of the setting. Producing it gave me a new respect for cartographers across the globe, and made it glaringly clear to me that I have a seriously impaired sense of scale.



There are few creatures with a greater visual variety than dragons. You’ve got the two-legged and four-legged varieties. Those that walk upright and those that walk on all fours. There are those with wings and those without. Now, as far as I’m concerned, you can imagine Myn, or any other of my characters, however you like. However, when the budget didn’t exist for me to commission a picture of Myn, and with more than a few people seeking artwork depicting her, I took it upon myself. Now I’m no artist, but if you give me enough time and a good enough tutorial, I can usually produce something presentable. This is about as good a piece of artwork as you will ever see come out of me.

These are early sketches for the Myn plush, by Pakajunatufty.


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