New pages have been made with greater detail and history for each entry. Enjoy!

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  • Camila

    Awesome!! After reading the books, I actually liked the ones you made. They are “insightful” although the new ones are more “eye-catching”.
    Continue the good hobby!!

  • Some guy

    I must say that the book of deacon is so far an amazing book. Recently got a kindle and was looking for a free book to download and did so with that book. I hope all the free books are good as the book of deacon. Looking forward to reading more.

  • Susana Santos

    Hi! I love your The Book of Deacon trilogy and I’d love to do that much requested fan art XD
    Problem is that I already deleted the book from my Kindle and I could use some paragraphs of physical description of Myranda, Myn and Leo…

  • Joseph Lallo

    Hi! I’m glad you liked the trilogy. And you’re interested in drawing some fan art? Neat! I’ll send you an email with the descriptions of each from the book, if you like.

  • caitlin

    i LOVED all three books. the second and last made me cry – and i never cry over books. wonderfully written and you sucked me in from the very beginning. found book of deacon through and their free books – i couldn’t wait to buy the second and third. my mind gobbled them up and i’ve been telling everyone to read them. love the characters and i would go to bed at night with them in my head. thank you for such a wonderful trilogy <3

  • Joseph Lallo

    Hi Caitlin! I’m very happy to know that you enjoyed the trilogy. I’m never sure how to feel when I learn that my books made someone cry. (I realize that it should be considered a testament to the emotional impact of the story, and thus make me proud, but a part of me always feels like I should apologize.) I really appreciate your kind words and support. Thanks for reading.

  • Laura Flores

    Just finished the Book of Deacon trilogy. I stumbled across your books by accident and could not put them down. You are truly an amazing story teller and artist of the imagination. Thank you so much for writing and inviting me into your amazing world. I would love to hear more about Myranda and Deacon, I’m selfishly in love with their love. 🙂
    I also see some of your fans have expressed interest in submitting fan art and would love to do the same. I can see Lain and would love the opportunity to draw him and the other heroes as well.
    Thanks again and I see nothing but success for you.

  • Joseph Lallo

    Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the books. I’m a big fan of fan art, so if you would like to draw something, I’d love to see it!

    I’m reasonably sure Myranda and Deacon will get at least one more tale, if not more. I’ll be sure to post here when a story about them is in the works!

  • Kevin

    A few weeks back I downloaded several free e-books, The Book of Deacon among them. Upon finishing about 100 pages I immediately looked up your name and bought all I could. Simply amazing stuff, I couldn’t put it down. Also, as an elemental magic fanboy, I loved your descriptions as Myranda learned.

    Thanks for producing such great books!

  • Joseph Lallo

    Thanks! I’m glad you liked the story. Figuring out how I wanted magic to work, and how it ought to be taught, was one of the most enjoyable parts of writing the books. Glad to see there are so many people out there who liked my take on magic!

  • ChrisJensen

    Hello Joseph.
    I got your first book for my new Nook Color Tablet for free (the artwork and title caught my eye) and couldn’t put it down. As soon as I finished I got the rest of the Book of Deacon series and Jade. I couldn’t put those down either. What a good imagination! Great story, I loved the unexpected twists. You also prove that a gripping tale can be told without profanity,lewdness and horrific vulgarities of explicit physical torture, I am so tired that many authors seem to obsess on that. A divergent waste of space lacking sincere creativity on their part. You, in contrast, opted to stay highly imaginative, compelling, and never lost me.
    It’s wonderful to see your skills grow as you continue writting, I’m glad to have discovered you.

  • Joseph Lallo

    Hi! Thanks so much for the comment! I’m very glad that you enjoyed my books, and knowing you enjoyed them on the Nook makes me doubly glad I decided to avoid targeting just the kindle. I try to keep my writing fairly PG, or PG-13, mostly because that’s how I am in real life. I’m happy to see that it is well received! Thanks for reading.

  • alicia

    Hi Chris! If you enjoy sci-fi or like me wasn’t sure, you’d probably really like his other two books. Bypass Gemini and Unstable Prototypes. I’m hooked. The language is more on the PG-13 side. I too really like the fact that I can read these books without skimming, blushing, or dubbing in my own words.


  • ChrisJensen

    Hi Alicia,
    I am a lover of fantasy and sci-fi both, and I will definately be getting those two books. I’m a fan of Joseph Lallo! I feel amazed to be able to start with a new writer at the beginning of his career and follow his rise to the top. Should be great fun!

  • alicia

    Thanks! Credit goes to Amy at Bright Jewels on

    Yes, Joseph is my new favorite author, and his books seriously have me laughing out loud, crying, so angry at a character that I want to spit, and so in love with everything in between! when I have to put down one of his books, all I want to do is to pick it back up! If you have Facebook, there is a Book of Deacon fan page. Also, please check out the forums!! It’d be nice to discuss the books with someone else. 🙂

  • Joseph Lallo

    Well, it’s described in a few ways, and you’re welcome to interpret it in whatever way you feel looks best (particularly if you’re going to tattoo it) but the basic shape is as it appears on the cover there. I’ve drawn it and had it drawn with sharper points on the top and bottom, and I’ve had the points curve outward or together.

  • Zair75

    Thanks for everything, I love your books all of them are amazing!!!

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