Official Art Galleries

Here you will find any artwork that has been connected to the books or series in an official way. That may mean that I’d commissioned them, either for covers, flavor, or merchandise. It could also mean that it was a gift that became officially associated in some way, though in that case you’ll find it in fan art as well.

Commissioned Covers

Unless otherwise noted, all commissioned covers are the work of Nick Deligaris.

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Original Covers

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Other Covers

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Character Art

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Setting Art

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The Ivy Sketches

In The Battle of Verril there are a few scenes where Ivy, a gifted artist, is showing off her skills to her friends. She draws a series of sketches, showing off most of the principle cast members. I realized once the books started to gain momentum that it was a cool idea to have those sketches drawn. I tapped the brilliant artist responsible for my covers, Nick Deligaris, to sketch them up. What you see below is the result.

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Official Photos

These are official marketing-type photos taken by myself or others.

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