Long Time, No Post!

Hey, been a while, huh? I don’t really have an excuse, except I guess that the world has been swallowed by a global pandemic and a handful of personal disasters and general burnout made me have not good brain time. BUT ENOUGH EXCUSES! Here’s a little rundown of the doin’s what’ve been transpirin’.

Exclusive releases!

Bygone Archive

Some walls were built for a reason.

Things are looking up for the Masker family. Fel, the adventurer of the clan, has stocked the antiquity shop with valuable contraptions unearthed during his journeys. Sales are strong, customers are happy, life is good. But rival families know the Maskers are unlocking ancient secrets about the arcane devices, and their spies will stop at nothing to have them. The promise of a lost archive sealed within the fabled Greater Lands Wall could give the Maskers the edge to ward off their foes and uncover the wisdom of old.

Fel knows the most precious treasures are protected by the most dangerous traps, but is anyone ready for what the Greater Lands have in store?

Dragons, harpies, kobolds… If Fel Masker wants the secrets of the past, he must face its monsters.

Bygone Mask

Family business is always personal.

Dangerous expeditions and clever business deals have begun to pay off, but with great rewards come greater risks. The unscrupulous Bolivan clan have been spying on Fel Masker and his family, accumulating dangerous technology and becoming more bold in their assaults. To blind the prying eyes and disarm a legion of mercenaries, the Maskers will need the help of his estranged sister, whose very presence threatens to tear the family apart.

While Fel defends his family with the help of uncertain allies, Tome Inkbrand seeks his own fortunes beyond the Greater Lands wall. In a world already teeming with mystery and danger, both Fel and Tome are about to learn that there are always greater forces lurk in the shadows.

Can they defeat the Bolivans before their threat grows too great to contain? Will the trials of the Greater Lands prove too much to handle? Catch up to Fel and see what thrilling new dangers await!

Wide Releases!

Paradoxes and Dragons Volume 2

Dragons that hoard pillows? Legendary squirrel adventures? Sometimes short stories get a little experimental.

Paradoxes and Dragons Volume 2 is a collection of ten novellas and short stories spanning the sci-fi and fantasy spectrum. A time travel front masquerading as an antique shop? High tech dragon engineers? Inside these pages you’ll find fun one-shots and eagerly anticipated sequels to stories in the first anthology.

Paradoxes and Dragons Volume 2 includes:

  • Uncle Easy: A post-apocalyptic sequel to Wasteland*
  • Comfortable Dragon: A knight seeks to battle the coziest dragon in the kingdom
  • Time Loop: A successful time travel experiment makes an intern’s day very complicated
  • Dragons in Space: Space suits plus dragons, what’s not to like?
  • The Dwarfendam Run: A weary musician faces a mechanical gauntlet
  • The Front Way: A fan-voted sequel to The Back Way*
  • The Pencil Hoarder: A little dragon learns a thing or two about what the human world has to offer
  • Soft Summoned: Sometimes summoning a demon can go adorably wrong
  • The Tale of Amberbelly: Sometimes adventure is a matter of perspective
  • Weird Nothing: The novelization of the short lived webcomic of the same name by Joseph R. Lallo and Adam J. Hall

*Available in Paradoxes and Dragons Volume 1

Top Level Player

The bad news? You died. The good news? You have an extra life!

After a terminal diagnosis, Jazz had nothing to lose in testing a prototype brain scanner, right?

Wrong. Dead wrong.

Now she’s locked in a digital afterlife called The After-Image. How did she end up in this chaotic post-life roleplaying game? Is there a way out? She’ll have to find some friends and gain some levels, but one way or another Jazz is determined to get to the bottom of things.

Top Level Player is a pop-culture nostalgia-fest by Joseph R. Lallo, combining the wit of Free-Wrench and Big Sigma with deep pull references from the 80s and 90s.

The Book of Deacon Anthology Volume 2

A new collection of stories in the critically acclaimed and international bestselling Book of Deacon Series. It contains 14 epic fantasy short stories, novellas, and novels released between 2015 and 2022, including:

  • The D’Karon Apprentice
    • In the aftermath of the perpetual war, the legacy of the D’Karon lives on.
  • The Crescents
    • Beyond the Northern Alliance and Tressor, the chosen ones discover a secret world and a terrible threat.
  • The Coin of Kenvard
    • After history refuses to remain in the past, the chosen ones must defend their world one last time.
  • The Story of Sorrel
    • Sorrel wants nothing more than a safe place to raise her children, even if she has to face an ancient evil to attain it.
  • Halfax
    • Jade has grown into a fine woman with a child of her own, but the family curse has brought danger to even the sanctuaries of old.
  • And many more!


In addition to things I ought to have been doing. I also have been doing things I oughtn’t’ve been doing. Mostly messing with Blender and making nonsense related to the ol’ book releases.

New Book Announcement: The Bygone Dagger!

More information in a couple weeks when it actually releases, but I’m happy to announce the pre-order and release date of The Bygone Dagger (The Greater Lands Saga 1).

Cover art by Nick Deligaris

This is my first venture back into long form Epic Fantasy since The Book of Deacon. The release date is June 23rd, 2021. Here’s the blurb!

They just don’t make artifacts like they used to.

In a world where arcane contraptions are capable of just about anything, running an antique shop is a dangerous business. No one knows that better than the Masker family. Strict rules and cutthroat competitors have pushed them to the limit. They need to make a big sale soon or they just might go under.

Fel Masker won’t let that happen.

True, he’s not half the tinkerer his father is, and he certainly lacks his mother’s skill with money. But right now what the family needs is someone foolhardy enough to risk ancient traps, mystic creatures, and bloodthirsty mercenaries on a death-defying treasure hunt. Fel is the man for the job.

A mysterious customer, a cryptic map, and an ancient vault could provide him with the payday he needs. Now all Fel has to do is survive long enough to deliver the goods.

One way or another, the world is going to remember the name Masker.

It was a fun one to write, and the sequel is already with Tammy Salyer getting a once-over. Good times!

Retirement Party

A banner flutters over the entrance to a large courtyard. It has been lovingly made by hand. The slightly askew letters read “Happy Retirement!” Picnic tables have been scattered with snacks of all sorts. The variety is staggering, ranging from huge vats of beans and rice and mashed potatoes to bubbling steam trays of stew, and biscuits.

From the edge of the courtyard, a scattering of individuals approaches. They are just as varied as the refreshments. A fox woman bounds up to the table and practically bounces in place.

“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Who brought these things?” Ivy said, snatching a biscuit.

“Them’s Butch’s specialty. Drizzle that gravy on there and you’re liable to think you died and went to heaven,” said a lanky airship crewman named Coop.

Ivy eagerly scooped the thick, creamy stuff over her plate and took a messy bite. Her eyes rolled back and she practically danced in place.

“Delicious! This retirement party was a great idea,” she said.

“It really is nice to have an opportunity to meet our colleagues,” said Nita tightening her tool sash before picking up a can of soft drink and cracking it open. “May I say, the level of technology out here is marvelous.”

“Have you listened to ‘streaming music’ yet?” Ivy said. “You can listen to any song you want, whenever you want! There’s whole types of music I never dreamed of!”

“Now everyone, everyone! Grab a drink, grab some food, and gather around,” shouted Deacon from beneath the banner. “We’ve got some festivities planned for later. We’ve got a nice little playground set up over in the back corner. Don’t worry about the smoke. A couple of Myn’s kids got a little rambunctious but the fire is out.”

“Also, pardon the smell,” Lex said. “Squee also got a little rambunctious, but the clean-up spray should be kicking in.”

“No harm done,” Deacon said. “So let’s get together and get started.”

The group gathered around, their plates loaded up with assorted goodies from the potluck.

“Now, as you know, 2020 was ‘the year of six.’ Most of us had our ‘final’ adventures. Thus, we’re having this little retirement sendoff.”

Karter scoffed and attempted to use a deep fried burrito as a scoop to shovel beans and rice into his mouth.

“I know the tendency is to feel as though retirement is the end of something,” Myranda said.  “But it is important to remember that it’s the beginning of something, too. That’s what we wanted to do here, before the party begins in earnest. Discuss what we’re going to be doing, now that our stories are told. Shall I go first?”

There was a murmur of agreement.

“Deacon and I have decided to take Leo and settle into the backstory of one of those ‘massively multiplayer online games’. A nice comfortable piece of lore, something about a golden era of a setting, sounds lovely after the trials and tribulations of our own world,” she said.

“I, for one, and eager for the opportunity to shape the worldbuilding of an entire new setting,” Deacon said.

“Haven’t you had enough ‘shaping the world to your whims’ for one lifetime?” said Gunner.

“Oh, give him a break,” Lil said, elbowing him in the ribs. “Us fictional types all get up to a little nonsense now and then.”

“Who is next?” Myranda said. “How about you, Lil?”

“Me? Oh, I reckon I’d like to do one of them ‘ninja warrior’ shows. Seems like all that hoppin’, climbin’, and scurryin’ is right up my alley. Ain’t never thought of makin’ a game of it. How about you, Nita?”

“Apparently there are ‘steampunk conventions’ and whole communities have found a passion for devising artful outfits that incorporate my chosen aesthetic. I’d like to get involved, maybe find a way to include my engineering and my artistry in a single pursuit.”

The crowd looked about expectantly.

“I guess I’ll go next,” Lex said. “I’ve been thinking of doing some acting. There’s a children’s story that I’ve been cast in. There’s a bit of a hang-up on the production side, but it should be fun.”

“Actin’,” Captain Mack said. “That’s about where I reckon I’ll end up. Seems to me they’re always makin’ these… movin’ pictures about superheroes and what not. There’s always some grizzled fella callin’ the shots. I reckon I might be one of them.”

All eyes turned to Butch, beside him. She grumbled something and pulled a cookbook out of an apron. The cover had a photo of her doing her very best to sculpt her perpetually sour expression into something a bit less forbidding. The title was “Mile High Cuisine with Butch.”

“She’s got one of them book tours,” Coop said.

“And what about you, Coop?” Myranda asked.

“I reckon I’ll stick with Cap’n Mack. Got me a job as a stunt man. Turns out they’ll pay big money for a fella what ain’t too worried about gettin’ hurt.”

“I have acquired a position as the voice and infrastructure of a line of internet connected smart speakers and cell phone apps,” Ma said, her voice buzzing from an automated arm inexplicably holding a plate of potato salad.

“Ether?” Deacon said. “I see you crackling back there. Care to share your plans?”

“I’ve become aware of the state of the environment. I plan to spend the next few years inflicting elemental wrath upon those who would abuse their world.”

“Sort of a surly, proactive, vengeful Captain Planet,” said Garotte. “I like it!”

“And what are you going to do,” Lex said.

“Me? A bunch of us—Me, Silo, Gunner— have decided we’ve had our fill with military sorties and the like. Mostly we’ll be volunteering our time to some outreach programs for vets.”

Silo nodded. “Feels a little more useful and meaningful than kicking up our feet and knitting.”

“And I certainly had no intension of modeling scarves for you day in, day out through our golden years,” Garotte said.

“Me next, Me next!” Ivy said. “I’m going to be a DJ! It’s someone who plays music for a living and sort of gives folks a reason to dance. It feels like a perfect fit. I thought maybe being a malthrope might make it difficult, but there are all sorts of folks who were thrilled to have me. And there is already a mouse DJ and two robot DJs—”

“Not anymore. The robots retired,” Lex said.

“Oh, well then I’d better get to work!” Ivy said.  “Do you think they’ll let me bring my violin?”

“I don’t think there are any rules,” Lex said.

“I love when there’s no rules!” she trilled. “Lain, why don’t you… Lain?”

“Lain isn’t here,” Deacon said.

“Why not?”

“Because this is a retirement party, and Lain isn’t through,” Myranda explained.

“Ooooh…” Ivy said.

“So why aren’t what’s his name and Blot here,” Lex said snidely.

“They’re not through either,” Myranda said.

“Su-u-u-u-re they’re not,” he said.

“Don’t be mean,” Ivy said. “Myn, what are you going to do?”

The dragon raised her head from the now mostly empty cauldron of potatoes. She licked her snout clean.

“The brood and I will be working in children’s entertainment as well, though I am not entirely certain when. And in the meantime we’ll be mascots for a new breakfast cereal.”

“You’ll be so good with kids, I know it,” Myranda said. “Karter, I notice you haven’t weighed in.”

“Military contractor,” he said through a full mouth.

“Sort of a lateral move then,” Nita said.

“Not even. I’m just going to keep being a military contractor in the same setting.”

“Big Sigma has been concluded, Karter,” Deacon said.

“Pffff,” he scoffed, spraying beans everywhere. “You don’t believe that, do you? Joseph R. Lallo never shuts the door on anything. There’s going to be more Book of Deacon, there’s going to be more Free-Wrench, and there’s sure going to be more Big Sigma. I’m not moving all of my gear out of the lab just because he’s convinced he’s going to make a go of it with this… what’s he calling it, the Greater Lands Saga?”

“It isn’t our place to question the whims of our creator,” Deacon said.

“Broadly speaking, antagonizing the person responsible for one’s own existence is inadvisable,” Ma said.

“You do it to me all the time,” Karter said.

“And those instances have all been inadvisable.”

“Whatever. Mark my words. This is about as final as a Kiss farewell tour. It’ll be—”

Karter suddenly stopped speaking and fully rethought his position on the issue. Upon considerable internal reflection, he decided that Ma was correct and it was exceedingly unwise to contradict his creator. Also, he was standing in his underwear, and a slice of individually packaged American cheese was inexplicably stuck to his forehead.

“Fine. Be that way,” Karter said.

“Hey, do you think people are going to read too much into the people who may or may not have been mentioned?” Nita said. “As though maybe they’ve got more stories on the way too?”

“I don’t think anyone’s going to read this at all, it’s an April Fools Day post on the personal blog of a washed up author who was no big shakes even before he was washed up,” Karter said.

His underwear drooped and a second slice of cheese slapped onto his face.

“I think that’s enough for the speeches,” Deacon said. “Eat, drink, be merry, and hopefully we’ll all see each other next year!”

2020 Looking Back, Looking Forward

So… It’s been a year, hasn’t it?

This year kicked my butt, and all things considered I got off easy. Being a writer isn’t an easy or a secure job, but it’s one that operates pretty much the same in a pandemic as any other time. This year, I sat in my home with my family and I wrote as the world outside became darker and more muddled, more dangerous and more vicious. 2020 cost us all dearly. Long-time followers need not look far to see the greatest toll it took on my life.

But we’re still here.

This is a tiny, neglected site on a forgotten corner of the internet. It exists to share the things I’m excited about with the people who like my writing. But after what we’ve been through, and what remains to be done before the world’s new normal becomes something resembling the old, I feel as though I’m obligated to look for a little bit of light.

What went right?

I set out, when this year began, to release the sixth (and potentially final) books in each of my main series. I achieved that. The Coin of Kenvard, Contaminant Six, and Nova Igniter were all released and it seems that you folks enjoyed them! I also released my first Patreon collection, Paradoxes and Dragons.

It wasn’t my most active year. By April my brain was already mush, and it just got mushier as the year progressed, but I soldiered on. NaNoWriMo was again a success. I had some experiments with audio, leading to not only a flurry of audio-books courtesy of Books in Motion, but also in a few self-produced pieces for the patreon, including what may well be considered the canonical “voice” of Ma.

The Patreon has proceeded apace, with new shorts and novellas (or re-releases of old favorites) each month. I’ve been fortunate enough to support artists by commissioning great artwork for covers and other gun goodies.

Art by Chandra Free

What next?

My NaNoWriMo project, which started off with the name “Rip Off Player One” because it was written specifically to appease my friend who wanted something in the same vein as Ready Player One, evolved into a full novel called “Top Level Player.” I’ll have to figure out to what degree the story can be published, but one way or another you folks will get a taste.

My brand plan for 2021 is to start my first new Epic Fantasy series in 10 years. I’ve had a lot of fun with The Book of Deacon, and it’s been my most successful series, but the time has come to try out a new setting. I spent the last week tinkering with it, and I think I’ve got something you folks are going to enjoy. Chances are you won’t get your first taste until mid 2021, but if I’m a good boy I’ll release at least two more in the same series before year’s end.

I’ll be continuing the Patreon, ideally with more new or re-released stories each month. And since that means heaps of new shorts, I think we can safely assume you’ll be getting a second volume of Paradoxes and Dragons.

There are also some projects I planted the seeds for many years ago which still have a chance of bearing fruit. The first children’s book (the one about Myn) technically isn’t dead, though I’ve been unable to contact the artist in some time. The second children’s book, illustrated by Fable Siegel, is almost certain to see the light of day, and maybe even a related project that’s got me super excited.

And if there’s enough time/willpower left when it’s all said and done, I’d like to add two more stories to Shards of Shadow so that the full story can be told.

You good people kept me afloat this year. I’ll do my best to prove myself worthy.

Thanks for reading!

Nova Igniter Pre-Order

Heads up! At the beginning of the year I said it was the year of six, and I would release the sixth entry in each of my three main series. We’ve already seen The Coin of Kenvard and Contaminant Six. Now it’s time for the final release of the year! Nova Igniter.

Cover art by Nick Deligaris

Nova Igniter is book six of Big Sigma! It is available for pre-order now, and releases October. 27th! Here’s the blurb.

When you’ve lived a life like his, the last thing you want is for history to repeat itself.

Lex has teamed up with mad engineers, clashed with technology-obsessed terrorists, and faced murderous robot hordes. He’s even traveled through time. He has skills no one in history has ever had.

He’ll need them.

Devastating cyber-attacks are targeting him. His closest allies are nowhere to be found. Ominous threats from his past seem to be leaking back onto his life. With the help of an off-kilter ship AI and his ex, Lex will have to get to the bottom of it all. If he doesn’t, the galaxy’s days are numbered.

This one was a challenge to write. If you’ve read the story this far, you’ll know that Lex’s life has twisted and turned in some really bizarre directions. Since it was my goal to make this one (potentially) the final entry in the series, I needed to find a way to tie up as many loose ends as possible.

Writing a book is difficult enough, but it gets even more difficult when potential violations of causality enter the fray.

If you want to read the latest adventure for Lex and the gang, pre-order it today and have it the moment it releases!

In Mom-oriam

At approximately 4pm on Sept. 11th, 2020, my mother passed away. Like too many in our nation and world right now, COVID-19 took her from us. She was a few days past her 68th birthday, and had been fighting cancer that had found its way into her lungs. She was the very definition of high risk, but that does not soften the blow. As I write this, my father is still fighting his own COVID-19 infection. His prognosis is better, but we are taking nothing for granted.

It seems proper to take some time to talk about the woman my mother was. Mom was the second oldest of five siblings. She had a rare life, by today’s standards. My father was her only husband, and she was a stay at home mom for me and my two older brothers, Mike and Anthony. Mom was absolutely everything a mother should be. Not just for me and my brothers, but for everyone she met. As Mike said during our last conversation with her, Mom was the mother of the entire neighborhood. People all over town called her mom, from other people in my class in school to grown men who worked in the autobody down the block. To some she was Lillian, to most she was Susan. To almost everyone, she was Mom.

She was, in a word, Momnipotent.

Our door was always open. Food was always on the table. More than one friend of ours, lacking a place to stay, found a home in the Lallo Household. One friend, when he slashed his hand on a piece of broken glass, came knocking on our door. He didn’t call an ambulance. He didn’t go to the doctor. He went to Mom Lallo. (At the time, he thought she was a registered nurse. She was not. Mom had just grown adept at patching people back together thanks to having three sons and two younger brothers, each with varying degrees of bone headedness.) Another friend, who had just returned from a tour of duty in the air force, arrived back in town at 3 AM. He didn’t go to his own house. He came to ours, because he knew we would answer, and that he could get something to eat and crash on the couch until his folks woke up.

Mom’s cooking was the stuff of legend, not just in quality but in quantity. She made homemade popcorn in a frying pan. One batch was approximately half a paper shopping bag. That stuff fueled every party I could remember from when I was barely able to walk until I graduated college. People still tell stories of the time a handful of my brother’s friends stayed over and she made a pancake breakfast for them. Over a hundred pancakes. She had more specialties than I could possibly list: Pepperoni-Bread, Pecan Pie. Mincemeat Pie. Chili. Rice Pudding. Her breaded, fried chicken cutlets were the standard by which all others shall be judged.

One of the last things I said to her was that I owed literally everything to her. Not only did she make me, she installed the software that runs my brain. In a time before the internet, she instituted the “Let’s Look it Up” policy whenever I asked a question she didn’t know the answer to. We had an old set of encyclopedias, and any bit of curiosity would lead to a mini-research session. It trained me to seek answers rather than simply shrugging and remaining ignorant. It made me curious. Hungry for knowledge.

Until a few years ago, the family had some land in Vermont. We would spend every August up there, even before a house was built. We would literally sleep in a barn. No TV. No radio. Just wilderness, campfires, and family. In order to make bedtime something of an event, Mom would ask us to come up with things we would like to hear a story about. Ostensibly it was for all of us, but my brothers are three and seven years older than me, so I dare say they were past the point of bedtime stories when this was happening. We would pick all sorts of topics for stories and she would put them together into a bedtime story, a new one each night, starring ALF (from the 1980s TV show). Completely improvised. It was my first introduction to building a story. That is a skill that has served me well. And because of that, even if you never met her, if you know my books, you know my mother. Her fingerprints are everywhere. She helped name characters like Oriech and Halfax. She actually typed some of the early pages of a book I’ve yet to publish, back when I wasn’t a good enough typist to do so myself. She also wrote stories of her own.

There’s a reason why the brightest and most nurturing character in any of my stories is called “Ma.”

Chronicling Mom’s virtues is an impossible task. The list of things I want to say about what she did for us keeps growing with every new sentence I write. Mom’s scavenger hunts she would put together for Easter morning. Her New Year’s Eve tradition of making a new appetizer every hour until the ball dropped. It doesn’t seem fair that a withering illness and a pandemic should rob her of so many years, and rob the world of her presence. But if one measures one’s life by the impact one has upon others, Mom lived a hundred lifetimes. She will live on in the hearts and minds of everyone who met her. And I can only hope that my brothers and I can pass on her lessons with half the skill and grace with which she taught them.

Goodbye Mom. Thanks for everything.

Contaminant Six Release!

Folks, it is finally here. Contaminant Six, the sixth (and final?) entry in the Free-Wrench saga. Pick it up wherever ebooks are sold!

This one was a doozy to write, but before I dig into that, here’s the blurb again:

The fug that poisoned the world has struck the Wind Breaker crew.

After years of daring escapes and dangerous capers, it was only a matter of time before Captain Mack’s crew felt the sting of the toxin that blankets their continent. They must split up, seek the aid of old rivals, and brave secret facilities to find the substance that may be the key to recovery.

Join Nita and her friends on what may well be their final adventure.

Contaminant Six is the sixth novel in the critically acclaimed Free-Wrench series of steampunk adventures.

And final?

Now, if you’ve been paying close attention, you’ll notice I typically include (and final?) every time I talk about this one. The purpose of the Year of Six was to close up shop on my three main series to make room in my schedule for something new. If you’ll forgive the talk about how the sausage is made for a moment, rare is the series that endures in popularity year after year. Typically, for each new entry in a book, there are at least a few readers who won’t follow along to pick it up. (We call this “decreased read-through”, for those of you interested in the lingo.) So each book tends to make just a bit less money than the one before. Add to that the fact that each new book is just a bit more difficult to write, thanks to growing lore and continuity that needs to be maintained, and a long series can be a real struggle for someone trying to make a living.

I hate that “profitability” has to be a part of the equation, but this is how I pay my bills, and it hasn’t been getting any easier.

BUT! I’d never rule out the possibility of more stories in the future. Short stuff on my Patreon is almost certain. And new novels could certainly come along. But those will be later. Once I’ve (hopefully) stabilized my income with some fresh blood.

The Bumpy Road

As long as we’re talking about finances and difficulties, buckle up while I talk to you about the journey this book took. To paraphrase a spooky lady from a horror movie, “The way this book walked was thorny, through no fault of its own.”

We’ll begin with COVID-19. This book was written entirely during the pandemic. Ostensibly, my job is one of the safest and least effected one could hope for. I sit in my office, typing away regardless of rain, snow, heat wave, or pandemic.

But I do not live alone.

I live with my brother, his wive, and his son. My brother Mike works for New Jersey Transit. He is considered essential (because he helps keep the trains running, and the trains get the other essential workers to work). He is a conductor/ticket collector, so he can’t very well work from home. My sister-in-law works from home, but she’s got meetings, she’s got phone calls. She can’t be taking care of the kid all that time. This means, at least a few hours a week, I’m taking care of the kid. And at any given moment, I might have to drop in for a few minutes. It’s a small, but non-zero distraction from the writing. But I budgeted my time and pressed on.

Because of the intense times we’re living in, I didn’t feel comfortable pushing this book into the hands of my full list of Beta Readers, so this one was lightly revised before heading to the editor.

Once I got the book back and got the excellent cover by Nick Deligaris, I put it up for pre-order and started the sale. Except… Amazon wasn’t really interested in showing the cover… For like 10 days. It turns out, when there’s no image on an Amazon Product listing, folks assume it’s broken and don’t click. Advertising is tricky enough to do well when your store link actually looks like it leads to a product. When it looks like it’s broken, it’s more or less a waste of money to run ads. So I lost two weeks of advertising time.

There were more problems. Personal problems behind the scenes which are ongoing. I’ll share the details when we learn how they’ll end. But things have been hard.

But we made it! The book is here! I hope you like it.

Now all that remains is Big Sigma 6… Then? Well, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Free-Wrench Sale and Pre-Order

Hi everyone!

I’d been holding off on announcing most of this, because Amazon has not added the cover to the sales page yet, but I’m through waiting!

Contaminant Six, the latest (and last?) book in the Free-Wrench series, is available for pre-order. The Release Date is Sept. 8th, and supporters of the Novel level of my Patreon already have their copies!

Here’s the description:

The fug that poisoned the world has struck the Wind Breaker crew.

After years of daring escapes and dangerous capers, it was only a matter of time before Captain Mack’s crew felt the sting of the toxin that blankets their continent. They must split up, seek the aid of old rivals, and brave secret facilities to find the substance that may be the key to recovery.

Join Nita and her friends on what may well be their final adventure.

Contaminant Six is the sixth novel in the critically acclaimed Free-Wrench series of steampunk adventures.

Now, I know a lot of you haven’t read the Free-Wrench stories. I write several genres of story and not all of my settings appeal to everyone. But if you’ve been curious about the series, now is a great time to pick it up, because almost the entire series is on sale until this time next month!

Here’s the breakdown:

BookStandard PriceSale Price
Free-Wrench Collection$5.99$0.99
Ichor Well$3.99$1.99
The Calderan Problem$3.99$2.99
Cipher Hill$3.99$3.99
Contaminant Six$4.99$4.99

You can now get caught up for a bargain price!

That’s it for now! Thanks for reading!