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Story Series Length Description
Part Time Heroes The Other Eight Short Story Members of The Other Eight drum up some good PR for their little super squad.
The Rills Between Novella The Rills decide to see what life would be like if they weren’t humans… Err… Waterdragons.
Blot’s Arrival Shards of Shadow Short Story A dark figure claws her way to our world during an eclipse, but finds things not precisely as she’d been taught to expect.
Halfax The Book of Deacon Novella Halfax, the dragon charged with protecting Myranda’s bloodline, is once again called upon to do his job, this time for Jade’s daughter, a girl named after his own mother, Myn.
Blodgette’s Big Day Pizza Dragon Short Story Blodgette the structophis gastrignae has been with her “mother” Markus for a few months, but today she learns what her future holds.


Completed Releases


Story Status Release Date
The New Inspector Released 10/17/2018
Lil and Coop Released 11/27/2018
Wasteland Released 12/27/2018
Bella’s Journey Released 1/27/2019
Meeting of the Mas Released 2/27/2019
It Does Not Follow Released 3/27/2019
The Beast of the Cave Released 4/29/2019
Note To Self Released 5/28/2019