Best Books of the Month

I just got the most remarkable email! Free-Wrench has been selected as one of the Best Books of the Month for┬áthe AU/NZ iBooks Store! If you’re a reader in that region, THANK YOU! To understand why I’m so deeply honored to be selected for this promotion, you must first understand the nature of the promotion….

Another Apple Promotion!

Hi folks. Happy Turkey Day Eve! This is a season for taking stock of our blessings and giving thanks for all we have. In my case, I’ve had a tremendous amount of good fortune, and just yesterday I was made aware of yet another reason to be thankful. I received an email from Mark Coker,…

Apple’s Breakout Books

Hi everyone. There are a few things on the horizon which I hope to announce soon, but right now I’d like to take a moment to spread the word about something momentous. Earlier today, Apple unveiled a new promotion on iTunes in the US. They are calling it Breakout Books. It is a major marketing…