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Character Interview: Azriel

Here’s the Character Interview I’d promised a while back. Sorry it took me so long. As with all interviews, this is technically non-Canon. It also contains potential spoilers for nearly all currently released Book of Deacon stories, and my just hint at things to come. I also decided to try something else with this one,… Read more »

Character Interview: Captain McCulloch West

Better late than never! As voted by the fans, the latest character interview is of the gruff but capable Captain McCulloch “Cap’n Mack” West, from my Free-Wrench and Skykeep books! I hope you enjoy it! — In the Captain’s Quarters, which served double duty as an office and a bedroom, McCulloch West was as near to… Read more »

Character Interview: Myn

What follows is a non-canon character interview with Myn the dragon. The interview takes place at some point several decades after the events of The Battle of Verril. As such it contains SPOILERS, not just for the events of The Book of Deacon and Jade, but books that have not yet been written and my… Read more »

Character Interview: Lain

This was a tricky one to write. A lot of the other characters would be perfectly willing to be interviewed. In order to answer all of the questions asked it would have to take place toward the end of the Trilogy, and let’s face it, Lain during the trilogy isn’t the sort of character who… Read more »

Character Interview: Ma

I’m working on the next sci-fi book right now, and to be honest I’m having trouble getting into the flow of it. To try to get the juices flowing, I decided to do a character interview with Ma, the sci-fi character with the most questions from the character interview survey. As is the case with… Read more »

Character Interview: Ayna

A while back I introduced the new interview survey. I got a lot of great questions for Deacon, and one very distinctive question for Ayna, the fairy. After noting that character interviews would go live only after a given character has received enough questions,  someone stuffed the ballot box with a dozen Ayna questions. It turns out… Read more »

Character Interview: Deacon

What follows is a non-canon interview with Deacon. Though the answers reflect what I believe are appropriate and honest answers now, I may change my mind. The interview and its answers contain SPOILERS for any readers who have not finished the trilogy, and may give unwanted hints of future events. IF YOU DIDN’T READ THE TRILOGY, YOU WILL… Read more »