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A New Review, an Approaching Launch, and Picking Brains

I’d like to start by thanking Beth over at Eat, Sleep, Read for her recent review of The Book of Deacon. You can find the review here. I’ve spoken with Beth via email and she expressed interest in conducting an interview, so if and when that goes live, I’ll certainly share it. UPDATE: The interview is live: http://eatsleepwrite.net/lallointerview Receiving that great review reminded… Read more »

Upcoming Chat (or Chats)

Hi everybody! This Saturday I’ll be hopping into the chat room on my site to discuss my upcoming projects. That means ideally we’ll be talking about The Other Eight, Free-Wrench, my third sci-fi book, and a few other short stories I’ve got in the pipeline. (If the past is any indication, there will also be discussion of… Read more »

Upcoming Chat

Hi folks. I’d mentioned my recently added chat up there. It is a sad and lonely place right now, what with me forsaking all else to get NaNoWriMo work done, but I’m far enough ahead that I’ve decided to schedule a chat to test it out. I’ll probably do one of these every once in… Read more »

Deep in NaNoWriMo, Sanity Slipping

Hi, everyone. It’s going to have to be a quick one today, because I’m trying my darnedest to succeed at NaNoWriMo for the second year in a row. I’m creeping up on 30,000 words right now, and it’s becoming clear that my tendency toward excessive verbosity is working both for me and against me. On… Read more »