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Two Years Ago Today

Followers of my twitter feed, or just my life in general, know that yesterday was my 29th birthday. (Many thanks for all of the well wishes, by the way!) What most people don’t know is that two years ago today was the day I finally caved in to the pressure of my friends and took… Read more »

25k! Unbelievable!

Amazon has been treating me very well of late. Even though the downloads have been tapering off, they have still not died entirely. As a matter of fact, some time yesterday the combined downloads of all of my books on Amazon.com crossed the 25,000 mark! Granted, the vast majority of those downloads are free copies… Read more »

A Huge Milestone

The first installment of The Book of Deacon Trilogy showed up in the very beginning of 2010, and it really got off to a slow start. I sold perhaps three copies, anywhere, in the first few months. As time passed I started to get the hang of what little marketing was available to me, and… Read more »