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Lending a Hand to a Fledgling Editor

Hello everyone. I know I generally use this space to talk to you about things going on with my books, but this time around I’d like to do something a little different. From time to time I get messages from fans who have found errors, typos, plot-holes, etc in my books. More often than not,… Read more »

Lots of New Fan Art, and Other News

Happy Monday, everyone! As I’ve made quite clear, I’m a sucker for fan art. I’m always completely enthused when I discover that something I’ve written has inspired someone with artistic talent I wish I had to produce a work of art. That’s why I’m thrilled to say that Deviant Art user catseathedevil is a fan… Read more »

Book 3 Edit Done, and a Book Recommendation

Hi everybody! Sorry for the long wait between posts, but things have been pretty quiet around here lately. At least, until a few days ago, when I received the edited manuscript for The Battle of Verril back from the editor. I’m currently massaging it into the required formats for publication, at which point I’ll push… Read more »