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Jumping The Gun

Hello once again, everyone. I would like to say that I have a great deal of news to share… but I don’t. I will have a great deal of news to announce in the next few weeks, but it has been an awfully long time since my last post. I find myself, improbably, with a… Read more »

Back From Boston, and Open For Business

Hello once again! Well, PAX East is behind me, having brought with it awesome New England food, video games, and general geekery in near overdose levels. It was what you might call a working vacation, and the mound of notes I brought back is going to be keeping me busy with my other other job… Read more »

PAX East, A Review, and Other News

Hi everybody! As I mention occasionally, in addition to my day job and my writing, I am a contributor to a game and humor website called www.BrainLazy.com. For the third year in a row, BrainLazy will be attending PAX East as media! For those of you who are unaware, PAX East is a Boston spinoff… Read more »