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Apple promotes free series starters (like me!)

I’m astounded to report that once again I’ve blipped onto Apple’s radar! Users of iDevices might have noticed a little banner promoting FIRST IN A SERIES. (If you missed it, it’s right up there in the post.) This is an international promotion celebrating folks who offer the first book of their series for free. Now,… Read more »

Another Apple Promotion!

Hi folks. Happy Turkey Day Eve! This is a season for taking stock of our blessings and giving thanks for all we have. In my case, I’ve had a tremendous amount of good fortune, and just yesterday I was made aware of yet another reason to be thankful. I received an email from Mark Coker,… Read more »

Newsletter Giveaway Winners and a Promo

I try to keep in touch with many of my fellow indie authors, and one that I’ve spoken with many times over the last few months is Matt Larkin, author of the Skyfall Trilogy. A few weeks ago he asked me if I would like to join in on a large independent promotion he was… Read more »