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Phew! It has been an intense few weeks while I buckled down to get the last of Lain Origin written. Right now the book is in the hands of four beta readers. They will give me feedback on the story and on the comments I’ve left in the text, and based on that info I’ll… Read more »

A Wild Funk Has Appeared!

Hi, everyone! I crossed the 160,000 word mark in Lain Origin last night. It is getting a little out of hand, but the rough draft could conceivably be finished this week, so I’m trying to keep my nose to the grindstone. However, to keep you good folks occupied, check out this set of pictures sent… Read more »

A Sci-Fi Interlude

Well well well… It looks like the science fiction books are starting to gain traction! Check out these fancy little tidbits from two of my fan art regulars. First, let’s see what CatseaTheDevil has for us. That’s Michella Modane, aspiring investigative journalist and love interest for our protagonist, “Lex” Alexander. She’s even got the freckles!… Read more »