Free-Wrench Limited Release

Hi everybody! A while back you might have noticed me yammering about a steampunk novel I was writing called Free-Wrench. Then you might have noticed that I completely stopped talking about it. This was partially because my previously completed and then lengthily shelved superhero novel The Other Eight was the next book I was prepping for release….

Fantasy Mini-Bundle

I’m proud to announce today that I’m being featured in another bundle from my friends at StoryBundle. In the past, they have included my books in their Big Bang Bundle and the subsequent Fantasy Bundle, which has resulted in them offering all of my books to date. When I released The Rise of the Red…

A Sale and a Survey

Hi folks! StoryBundle is still going strong, and if you haven’t checked it out, please do. For you bargain hunters, Read an Ebook Week has started up, and any books not already in the Bundle are being offered for deep discount or free over at Smashwords, so check that out, too. Both are limited promotions,…