Top Level Player Cover Brief

I am looking for a pixel artist to create the eBook and (potentially) the wraparound paperback cover for a book heavily inspired by Ready Player One.

The cover should evoke nostalgic visuals from the late 1980s to mid-1990s, with the overall render quality of an SNES title screen. It should look like the cover of a classic NES game. Below are some samples of the sort of art and visual elements from the era we’re looking to evoke. (I recognize these are not pixel art, but these are more for tone reference.)

The Patreon edition of the book looks like this. It should give you an idea of the basic graphic design we’re looking for, including things like the Nintendo Seal of Quality.

The actual illustration work would be within some sort of a central frame as depicted above, and would include between 1 and 4 original characters centered in a somewhat chaotic clash with generic baddies. Descriptions of characters are available upon request, and some character design work/reference illustration may be necessary. This design work can be handled as an additional commission or rolled into the overall cover fee.

I will require the rights to use this as a cover, for promotional material, and in advertising. It would be helpful if the individual design elements of the final cover could be made available either as the layered PSD file or as separate files, so that advertising and final cover formatting and tweaks will be simpler.

The file will need to be a minimum of 6x9in, 300dpi. Deadline is flexible. Contact Joseph R. Lallo at jr*****@bo**********.com