Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Myranda

I usually don’t post updates this close together, but I hadn’t anticipated the sheer speed with which the artwork would be completed. The cover for The Book of Deacon is complete. Here it is:

Pleased to meet you, Miss Celeste.

Do yourself a favor and give that a click to full size. I cannot put into words how thrilled I am with how it came out. It is the character exactly as I picture her. As I told my friends, the best part of the book is now officially the cover. I just dished out the details for the second cover, which will feature Myranda along with one additional character. As before, I’ll post it when it is complete. When all three covers are complete, I’ll push updates to all three books with the new cover art and credits for the artist, Nick Deligaris.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Deacon trilogy and left a glowing recommendation on the Amazon website. You have joined my very select group of collected authors so I will be watching for more publications. I will not say hurry, as I have learned that authors who publish for volume usually lose the quality that attracted me the in first place. Continue to craft well and please let us re-visit Deacon and Myranda again.

    1. It is great to hear that you’ve enjoyed the trilogy, and I appreciate the recommendation. I’ve heard from more than enough people to convince me that Myranda and the others deserve another outing, so one day you’ll see it. As for hurrying? I couldn’t if I tried. Writing remains a much beloved but secondary activity for me, so while I’m free to daydream and sculpt and imagine characters and plots all day long, it is only when I get a few hours to myself that words ever make it to paper. I only hope that, as my style and tastes evolve, I remain true to the tone and style that you’ve enjoyed.

  2. Thanks for letting me know when this was released, this is some pretty incredible artwork and it fits well with the style of the book, the devotion you show to your fans makes you among my top authors, Thanks!

    1. No problem. You’d mentioned artwork, so I figured you might be interested. This is my first experience with HAVING fans, so I figure I should make the most of it. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have no fans, or maybe I’ll have too many to interact with. Until then, I’ll do what I can, while I can.

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